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Zoe finds her way back home



Staff Writer

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In this day and age, engagements, bad days and reunions with old friends are all posted on Facebook. During the last weekend before the new year, social media was used to help a Jonesborough resident find a member of her family—a beloved dog named Zoe.

Misty Story’s miniature Australian shepherd went missing while she and her family were out of town. After Zoe escaped from the person caring for her while her family was in South Carolina, the family knew they had to find their dog.

“We come home and there’s no Zoe,” Story said. “And we’re devastated because she’s like our family. We’re crazy about this dog.”

After posting pictures and details of Zoe’s escape, the community shared and commented while Story and her family made flyers and hoped to find their family pet. That’s when social media came to the rescue.

“The people that shared that story (made the difference). It was over 900 people that shared that story,” Story said. “Had it not been for that, I really don’t think we would have found her when we did, if we had found her at all at that point.”

Zoe’s family read on Facebook that a woman had seen the dog around Spring Street, which is close to the family’s home. The woman later spotted Story’s daughter hanging a flyer and told her she had found Zoe. That’s when the family was reunited with their dog.

“Oh my gosh, there were tears! Lord have mercy. She’s my baby—and I have three kids, but I always say she’s my favorite,” Story said, laughing.

So much effort was put into the search for Zoe (including an email chain between over 30 downtown businesses and town associates), but Story chalked it up to social media—and the Jonesborough community.

“You wouldn’t believe the people—and we don’t even know half of these people,” Story said. “The people that really were concerned after the fact…they wanted to know when we found her. It really was really sweet how everybody was.

“And I love Jonesborough. I tell ya, it’s a sweet little community.”