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There is no place like our Tennessee home



As we welcome one of the prettiest seasons in beautiful Jonesborough, we are also welcoming many new Jonesborough residents from states all across our country.

Our little town is one of the fastest growing cities in the state! They are drawn to our area because of many factors we might take for granted — our beautiful mountain views, quaint historic downtown, our festivals, low cost of living, favorable tax policies, the love of country they sense and, without a doubt, the friendliness of our community.

I’m also humbled and feel blessed to witness the pleasure I see in the smiles and eyes of our new residents as they partake in our many events throughout the community. It will be important to nurture our quality of life as we welcome new guests to our town. I say “thank you” to all of you that help create that welcoming environment.

This fall season will bring us colorful foliage and holiday decorations but also many events that bring more guests to our businesses. Jonesborough businesses and your town government have performed remarkably well financially during these uncertain times because together we adapted and safely overcame challenges of 2020 and 2021.

We ask you to continue shopping local and invite guests to do the same. Often we will find our local shops sell items we were not aware could be purchased locally.

I found a great example of that in our longtime downtown business, Mauk’s of Jonesborough. They sell a wide assortment of items for the home, but I was excited to see the great selection of men’s skincare items and some great men’s socks.

I’m so proud of the resilience our town government, businesses and residents have displayed the past 18 months.

Some exciting projects are coming to our town soon, as well. We are making great progress on the beautiful historic Jackson Theatre. I’m hopeful this time next year we will see that facility welcoming guests and performers.

Our new dog park appears to have a home now that the state has approved our entrance location of State Route 34. In addition, our Shell Road and East Main Street street work are approved and we are in the early planning stages of expanding our water treatment facility — so we are proactively handling our exploding growth.

We have many more things planned for our excellent staff to complete.

Lastly, the largest project in our town’s history, the Jonesborough school project, will begin this month, God willing. And it will be a remarkable blessing to our community for many decades into the future.

We are so excited to be in partnership with our county government and school board to build a first-class building, but also to partner with them for many activities throughout our town.

We should all be comforted by the leadership our county representatives displayed in making this historic project a success.

We have big, exciting plans in the planning stages for the Christmas holiday season soon to come. It was a beautiful success last year as we lit up our streets for the first time.

Our town leaders think there is even more we can do to show the community our appreciation for a great 2021.

So be on the lookout!!