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The issue of water: BMA discusses Little Limestone Creek


Staff Writer

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The topic of water flowed through the room at Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting Monday night.

Amber Orlikowski, community planner for the First Tennessee Development District, spoke on the “Little Limestone Creek Watershed Water Quality Management Plan.”

“The plants, vegetation and overall ecosystem are being affected by runoff,” Orlikowski said. “There are also faulty pipelines, but there are grants available to help through the University of Tennessee Department of Agriculture.”

In partnership with the Town of Jonesborough, the management plan is funded through a Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Water Resources Federal Clean Water Act.

“E.coli is another concern,” Orlikwoski said.

The scope of this management plan is to get signifi can’t outreach to communities impacted by the defective waters.

Town Administrator Glen Rosenoff added how the growth of the region brings the need to update certain service areas and their water supply.

“The census update shows a growth over 16%,” Rosenoff said. “We need more volume and pressure to certain service areas.”

The minimum requirement for pound force per square inch (PSI) is 20. However, Rosenoff said they try to keep the town PSI around 40 to 50.

“We plan to expand the water treatment facility,” Director of Public Safety, Craig Ford, said. “It is near capacity now.”

The county is seeking to extend a water service line to serve existing residents and future development.

The Interlocal agreement with Washington County plans to serve those that are outside the corporate limits of the Town of Jonesborough, but within the Jonesborough Water System area.

“There is an urgency to approve so we can test it out and get going,” Washington County Mayor Joe Grandy, said.