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Soupbowl Fundraiser to return to McKinney

Locals gather at a previous Soupbowl event in Jonesborough.


The Jonesborough Yarn Exchange presents a brand-new show for their annual Christmas Performance and Soupbowl Fundraiser at the McKinney Center. On Nov. 27 at 6 p.m., the Yarn Exchange will debut The Christmas Messenger.

It’s 1944. Andy, the telegraph delivery man, recently home after an injury from the war, receives a series of Christmas Eve telegrams. There’s only one problem: no one wants to answer the door to the telegram deliverer during this time. House after house refuses his call, but what no one knows, is that one of the messages contains a miracle — which needs an urgent answer. Will he deliver it in time? Discover the mystery in the message, and sing holiday carols along with the cast and the Jonesborough Novelty Band, in this new, interactive Christmas performance.

This event is perfect for kicking off the holiday season. At 6 p.m., audience members have the opportunity to browse the hand-made pottery bowls on display, choose their favorite, fill it with one of several delicious soups, complimented with a variety of breads, and a giant cookie for dessert. At 6:30 p.m., the cast of the Jonesborough Yarn Exchange and the Jonesborough Novelty Band will present the new play, which is based on local stories.

The event, which is a fundraiser for the McKinney Center’s Scholarship Program, is $25 and includes the hand-made soup bowl, dinner, and songbook. Tickets can be purchased by calling 423-753-1010 or online:

For more information, email Theresa Hammons [email protected] or call (423)753-0562.