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Making 2017 best year ever for the Herald & Tribune

ht-fbook-logoFor a newspaper that has been publishing since 1869, vowing to make this new year the finest ever is certainly brave, if not a little foolhardy.

After all, the Herald & Tribune has been covering the iconic town of Jonesborough and its surrounding Washington County communities, even the world, for nearly 150 years now. (We’ll be celebrating that in 2019!)

We have already heralded the advent of war more than once; followed the workings of schools, town, county and state governments in both detail and broad strokes;  and shared brilliant stories of neighbors, friends and sometimes even adversaries as they opened their doors and told their tales.

As the years have gone by, the job of  America’s daily papers have also become more difficult.

We have gone from a field of competition made up mostly of radio and television news broadcasts to now include the immediacy of the internet with its promise of countless blogs, e-editions, Facebook and more.

Still, while our staffs have become smaller and our challenges greater, our dedication has never waned.

And this year, in 2017, we are convinced that dedication — renewed fresh and bright at the beginning of each year — is going to make all the difference.

You see, we still believe that no one can provide a a better snapshot of a community than its community newspaper.

We have the ability to tackle the hard news when necessary, but also include the sweet moments of life that truly make it all the more worthwhile — like a young student proudly bringing in a perfect ACT score, a group of older first-time authors creating their own book or a hardworking sports team beating the odds in tribute to a fallen classmate.

And we have you, our readers.

A community newspaper is only as good as its community, and we believe we represent one of the best Tennessee has to offer.

Your calls, comments and encouragements have often pointed us in the right direction and kept us going when we became weary.

Now, we have another request — or two.

First, let us know what you want to see.

The field of news, the way it is delivered and the impact it has on our lives continues to change each year — and we want to be able to meet your needs.

What interests you? What causes you to pick up the paper and what stories catch your eye?

For some it may mean the most up-to-date coverage of local government. For others, it might mean garden tips, a good recipe or two or even something we have yet to create.

If you love something we offer, let us know. If you wish we included something we don’t, let us know that too.

And, finally, as we move throughout 2017, never let us off the hook. Continue to be our guide as to what you, the community, needs to see.

You are the most important part of the Herald & Tribune.

And together we are going to make 2017 the best year yet.