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Kelly Wolfe to fill BMA spot

Staff Writer [email protected]

At Monday night’s meeting, the Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Alderman ap- pointed former Mayor Kelly Wolfe to serve the remainder of Alderman Stephen Callahan’s time on the board after Callahan’s resignation earlier this month.

Wolfe will serve the town through November.

“This is one of those things that you didn’t know that you wanted to do until you were asked to do it,” Wolfe said. “When home calls, and Jones- borough is certainly home, you respond to the call. I consider each of you to be dear friends and family members.”

Alderwoman Virginia Causey made the motion to appoint Wolfe to the board saying, “I felt we needed to look at someone that could come in and hit the ground running. This is a very crucial time for the BMA. We are starting into our budget, we have so many projects going and I felt that someone who could step in and move for- ward without going through a learning curve would be a great asset for our town.

“So, I feel that there is one person that has the experience to step in and fill this position until November with no learning curve at all, and with that being said, I would like to appoint Kelly Wolfe.”

Nearing almost 10 years as Mayor, Wolfe stepped down in 2018 to the surprise of the town. “After a lot of prayer and conversations with my family, I knew it was time,” Wolfe said at the time. “I look back over the last 9 years and think I’ve been incredibly blessed. We’ve gotten a tremendous amount accomplished.”

Now, Wolfe is back, in a different capacity, but he said he is happy to be a part of it all again.

“Lots of the same faces, some new ones, but everyone still has the same heart for the town,” he said. “So, it’s not that different, but it’ll take me a little bit to get up to speed. It’s kind of cool.”

Wolfe said he is also looking forward to what’s to come while he is back in an alderman seat.

“We need to be making some long- term investments in infrastructure and this board’s done a wonderful job of that so far, and I’m looking forward to being a part of that process as it continues,” he said.

Following unanimous board approval of his nomination, Wolfe was sworn in by Chancellor John Rambo. Wolfe said that being asked to join the board by Causey played a big part in his decision.

“When Virginia asks you, you better think about it,” Wolfe said, “and I did, and the answer was yes.”

Jonesborough Mayor Chuck Vest said this nomination means the town just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

“We’ve had good leadership in the past and we’ve got good leadership now and we will keep moving forward. I’ve known Kelly for a long time. He’s been one of the best mayors we’ve had in Jonesborough, if not the best,” Vest said. “I think he came along at a critical time for the town and did an outstanding job for us. So, for us to be able to get him back on the board it’s just a huge win for the Town of Jonesborough.”