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JRT gears up for new season back on Main


Staff Writer

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Jonesborough Repertory Theatre is taking the stage once again, for their 2021 season.

With “Something Rotten,” which opened the season Aug. 26 and will run through Sept. 12, the cast and crew of JRT are excited to present new shows and faces to their loyal audiences back in their own theatre space.

“We will be back in our own space for the opening of “Something Rotten.” Artistic Director Jennifer Ross–Bernhardt said. “The Bonnie Kate was very good to us and we are grateful for the use of their space.”

Auditions for shows will be coming up soon, with Broadway actor Tom Flagg working with JRT and even directing.“He is the best teacher.”

Bernhardt said. Each show, with the exception of those already selected, will require an audition to be a part of the cast. And JRT is always looking for new talent.

“We post the auditions in the paper,” Bernhardt said. “Some are prescheduled and already cast from where we left off last year. But we welcome new actors.”

The shows in the line-up for this season also includes dance numbers. “Singing in the Rain”, for instance, requires some actors to tap-dance.

“’Singing in the Rain is a big dance show.” Bernhardt said. “There is lots of tap. And we will be teaching it.”

The new season at Jonesborough Repertory Theatre will run through the beginning of July 2021, with the “1940’s USO Show” running June 23-July 3.