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JONESBOROUGH DAYS RETURNS Crowds join in celebration of freedom


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For Jonesborough Days, the crowds couldn’t have been happier this year as Tennessee’s oldest town kicked off its 50th Fourth of July celebration.

The event was held July 3-4.

The parade route was lined with event goers that were eagerly waiting the arrival of their favorite floats and bands. For many, it was a very special moment since it was the first time back together after a year.

Retired veteran David Murray was grateful to be back for the event. “I’m a retired Marine, and I am so happy to be back watching the parade and celebrating America,” Murray said.

Murray wasn’t the only veteran in attendance. Jessica DelaRosa was emotional talking about the return to Jonesborough Days.

“It is a different freedom this year. It’s special,” DelaRosa said. “We are all together celebrating America and I am excited to see the parade again.”

Dedicated attendees had missed what the event offered.

“We’ve been coming here for over 20 years,” Sandra Johns said. “I love

the parade.” Her husband, Joe, also had his favorite event. “I love the food,” he said. 

Both decked out in their red, white and blue for the holiday, “We love it all,” Sandra added.

Like the Johns, quite a few patrons that showed up for the event had been coming to Jonesborough Days for many years and hadn’t missed one, until last year. 

Amanda Jo Baker had been visiting the event for 15 years and was excited it had returned. “I just love being here again,” Baker said.

And it wasn’t just the two-legged fans that enjoy coming to spend time

at Jonesborough Days. So many furry four-legged friends were found walking around the event decked out in their 4th of July best as well.

Kenzie Jerles and Nate Hawkins brought their dog Zuko to take part in the festivities. All three were wearing smiles as they made their way down Main Street to Mauk’s.

Also, happy to be back, were the vendors that set up along Main Street.

Ginni and Wally MacDonald of the all-natural Sherapy took their place in their tent to sale their foaming scrubs, lotions, bug spray, and soaks.

“We have seen many people,” Ginni said.“They love the lotions. There’s even one named after me.” Wally was ready to sell and was optimistic about the weekend. 

“We have many different all-natural products,” Wally said. “Lots of people buy these products. And with different scents there is something for everyone.”

Everyone wanted to take part in the event, especially the Langley family, that built

and set up their own lemonade stand in front of their residence. The children of the family ran the business.

“We started last year and we made good money,” Burton Langley said. “We work hard, but it’s fun.” These kids knew exactly what was needed.

“It was hot last year and we knew people wanted something cold,” Sophia Langley said. “So, we came up with the idea to sell lemonade.”

The lemonade is free but the tips are appreciated. “We made $300 last year and we split it with all the workers,” Charleston Langley said.

Their mom, Mandee is very proud of them and their work ethic. “They check on the police and go up and down the street on bikes yelling, ‘Free lemonade! Tips appreciated!”