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Happy Birthday, Rois! Local Lowe’s helps give loyal little customer a perfect day


Staff Writer

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Birthdays are one of the most special days of the year. Especially when you are a child. That’s why Lowe’s stepped in to make the dreams of one little girl named Rois come true on her 4th birthday.

“For the last two years, she walked around talking about how she wanted her birthday at Lowe’s, and she meant it,” said Cassity Jenkins, Rois’ mother. “When it is cold or raining, we will go there and just walk around. People’s first thought is usually that we are kidding.”

Rois and Cassity were doing their usual Lowe’s adventure one day, when Rois took matters into her own hands to make her birthday wish come true.

“It was getting closer and closer to her birthday. So, she told the person at the register she wanted to have her birthday there at Lowe’s,” Jenkins said. “The person at the register got the store manager and he said that he would love that.”

Over the next little bit, Rois and the store manager, Ondra Brimmer, would plan the birthday party together,” Jenkins said. “He would send us his ideas.”

With the help of party organizer Cris Daughtery and the employees of Lowe’s, Brimmer made magic happen for Rois, by having a Lowe’s vest special ordered for her, and creating a scavenger hunt that ended in her favorite department: appliances.

“They even cleared the stock room for us to use,” Jenkins said. “They had corn hole and a basketball goal. We were so excited!”

Brimmer even assembled a group of ladies to come up with ideas. “It’s unreal. They went above and beyond. I think they were more excited than us,” Jenkins said. “All the workers would come up to us when we were there and ask when the birthday party was because they wanted to request to work that day.”

Jenkins grew up in Jonesborough, moved away for a little while, and just moved back.

“It’s so nice to have this memory of this birthday here,” Jenkins said. “The fact that a store that big, that is a corporate chain, made a little girl in a small town feel so special, I am blown away by their kindness and generosity. Especially after last year, it is good to see people helping others and being so nice to each other.”

Rois and her family can’t begin to express their appreciation for Lowe’s, and the people that work there, for making this such a memorable birthday for the four-year-old.