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DCHS athlete ready to rebuild



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My birthday is today also and I have a full scholarship,” David Crockett senior Tk Hill said just minutes before he signed his name on Feb. 6 to accept an athletic scholarship from Union College. “So today turned out well.”

Hill has been part of the Pioneer football team since he transferred from University High as a freshman. Since then, the running back has acquired 3,693 yards and 42 touch downs in his Crockett career. And now, he’s earned a spot with the Union College Bulldogs in Barbourville, Kentucky.

“My big brother, Chropee, he’s the one that introduced me to my sport,” Hill said. “I joined junior pioneers with Coach Brian over there and he taught me how to play running back. From there I went on to middle school with Coach Kenneth Wells and Coach Kevin Durham. And I just fell in love with the sport and went all through high school and ended up getting a scholarship. So it’s an honor to be here today and be able to play an extra four years.”WEBTK HILL

Hill wasn’t the only one who witnessed his transformation from a transfer student to an up-and-coming college athlete; Former Pioneer head coach Jeremy Bosken looks back on Hill’s work ethic and growth throughout his time at Crockett in light of the running back’s commitment.

“Tk’s one that is near and dear to my heart because we’ve been through a lot together,” Bosken said. “He’s really part of the first class that I’ve ever been a part of from freshman to senior. So to see him grow as a person and as a man—I mean, he grew leaps and bounds. He’s a young man that owns his own business, he works a job, he’s always training for football and he’s a great teammate.”

While at Crockett, Hill was a part of the Bosken era that lasted from the 2013 season through the 2016 season. But for Hill, the rebuilding years at Crockett are part of what he enjoyed most about the program—and Hill will get to continue this rebuilding experience at Union College.

“When I came to Crockett, I transferred and it was a rebuilding process here with Coach Bosken coming in,” Hill explained. “So with me playing as a freshman, it was a big translation trying to change the name of Crockett. And we did.

“Union talked to me and they just got a new head coach also. So it’s kinda like in a building process also. So I felt like that was my home. There’s no favorites; I still get to work my way in. They’re talking about me playing too. I felt like that was a good home.”

As Hill gears up to head across the Tennessee-Kentucky state line, the running back is prepared to grow with the Bulldogs’ program. But he’s also still rooting for that Pioneer team that is about to enter another rebuilding phase.

“I see we got a new head coach with Coach Sensabaugh. I’ve talked to him a little bit and I’ve got faith in what he’s about to do with this team,” Hill said. “We’re about to be on extra other level than we were on. I think Crockett’s even more on a build-up than what I left behind. I hope.

“I respect and I honor him for coming up here and taking over and that he’ll keep rebuilding the process—keep building it up and not let it break down.”