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Crockett cheerleaders heading to Hawaii


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On Saturday, four Crockett cheerleaders will get the opportunity to perform on an island.


Brooke Dinnes, Aly Ross, Libbie Woodley and J.D. Waldrop will travel to Hawaii to be a part of the 80th Annual Varsity Spirit Pearl Harbor Memorial Day Parade in Honolulu.

“At the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) camp this past summer, the cheerleaders were given the opportunity to try out for All-American,” said David Crockett cheerleading coach Chelsey Yoakley. “They perform the material they learned at camp.”

After learning the routine at camp, the teams perfected their passes, cheers and movements to perform for the coveted spot as an All-American cheerleader.

“Once they perform, the staff then chooses the varsity UDA (Universal Dance Association) All-Americans with that scoring,” Yoakley explained. “Then that’s when they get their spot.”

UCA is the largest cheerleading camp company in the world. UCA trains more than 180,000 cheerleaders every summer at over 3,200 sessions across the country, offering the widest array of dates and locations of any camp company.

Along with becoming an All-American cheerleader comes the chance to travel and take part in various cheerleading trips.

“Last year, the junior varsity cheerleaders that were All-American went to Orlando and competed at Disney World,” Yoakley said. “The varsity got to attend the Lord Mayor’s parade in London, England one year. Due to COVID, they aren’t doing international trips this year, but they still get to go to Hawaii.”

The cheerleaders had a fundraiser to gather the funds needed for their Honolulu trip.

“There are only four cheerleaders from our school, but close to 1,000 from all over the nation,” Yoakley said. “It is a once in a lifetime experience for these kids.”

The group leaves for Hawaii on Saturday and the parade is on Tuesday.

“This is an experience they will never forget,” Yoakley said. “I am most excited about getting to see them perform as their coach. I got to experience this when I was a cheerleader; now I get to share the experience with them.”

In addition to the competition itself, the students will get the chance to tour Pearl Harbor and see the USS Arizona and USS Missouri, time on Waikiki Beach, the Polynesian Culture Center and a picnic dinner with other participants in the parade.

“These are such great kids,” Yoakley said. “They are all very excited and have been counting down the days since they found out they would be going.”