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County mayor resigns from BrightRidge board


Washington County Mayor Joe Grandy has resigned from the BrightRidge board of directors.

“I want it to be abundantly clear to everyone that my work on the board has always been to do what’s in the best interest of the citizens of Washington County,” he said. “As may- or, I will continue to support the county’s position as we move forward.”

The mayor was named as a potential witness in pend- ing litigation, which prompt- ed him to take a leave of absence from the board in November 2021.

“Now that it is apparent this case is going to trial, I feel it is important to clearly separate myself from any formal association with the BrightRidge board,” Grandy said. “My leave of absence became more of an issue than the actual lawsuit and its impact on county residents. My resignation will now place the focus where it needs to be: to continue to have quality representation for the citizens of rural Washington County on BrightRidge’s board.”

At the County Commission’s request, Grandy was appointed to the utility’s board in September 2014 and again in April 2019. His current term expires in April 2023.

Six members of the nine member board are Johnson City residents appointed by the Johnson City Commission. Washington County’s Commission appoints two members and Jonesborough’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen appoints one member.

At its last meeting the Washington County Commission appointed Commissioner Kenny Huffine to replace Dan Brant, a Washington County farmer, whose term expired in April 2021.