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BOE revisits facility plan for county schools

By SERINA MARSHALL [email protected]

The Washington County Board of Education held a specially called meeting on Tuesday Jan. 25.

According to Washington County Di- rector of Schools Jerry Boyd, the session was to revisit with the Lewis Group, the architects hired for the five-year facility plan for the 16 schools within Washington County, and to find the scope of work so it can be finalized and approved by the board in order to move forward.

The board was joined by Lewis Group principal, Todd Brang, as well as Lewis Group educational consultant, Dr. Brian Bell.

“The scope of work was originally in the request for proposal, as far as the overall look at it, but this is a little more detailed,” Boyd said. “But we need to know what guidance we need to provide to the Lewis Group; All the schools? Are we going to do the full comprehensive review? Mechanical electrical? And so on.”

A list of services was provided to the board listed as flat rate that covers all of it and the unit rates for each school, according to officials, $2500 to each school for mechanical and $1500 for electrical.

“We talked about the overall assessment of each facility, which includes just a general overview and status of each facility. An evaluation and, lack of a better term, grade, of each facility, where they’re at and what conditions they are,” Boyd said. “A demographic study looking at Washing- ton County and this region around growth projections with student enrollment that would not only help with future building conversations, but also in management, as far as enrollment zones.”

According to Bell, one thing that was formally spoken about was develop- ing a functional capacity in comparison to current enrollment in Washington County Schools, and to assess that area as well.

“That is really looking at the functional base in schools,” Boyd said. “Some of them are older, the newer schools it will probably be pretty aligned with what you would expect. But looking at the older schools, and current needs and even projecting the future of instructional spaces and those kinds of needs, and just identifying functional capacity of each school.”

Boyd went on to explain that it may be able to hold X number of students, but what is actually instructionally, in the use of the building, that capacity.

“This includes mechanical and electrical, such as light- ing, power distribution systems and particular attention to code deficiencies, substandard installation,” Brang said. “Including communication problems and ongoing maintenance problems that may need to be looked at.”

Per the Lewis Group, based on the scope of services and deliverables, they propose a lump sum for the 16 facilities of $105,000 for the architectural facility assessment, demographics and system configuration. This includes the electrical and mechanical assessments at each facility.

According to Lewis Group, 10-11 schools have already been assessed, with all schools planned to be completed in the next six weeks. Deliverables are expected to be complete for a July presentation to the board.