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Trailblazers retain Musket Cup in two-day win

After two days and several rounds of golf, the Trailblazers of Daniel Boone retained the Musket Cup over rival David Crockett in the annual event with a score of 14 ½ to ½ .
The Musket Cup pits rival golf teams Crockett and Boone against one another in a two-day Ryder Cup-themed event.
The concept began in 2007 with the rivalry between the two schools taking place each year after. The traveling trophy or “cup” became a feature of the contest several years ago where the winner keeps possession of the cup until the rivalry is renewed the following year.
Day one of the competition took place on Aug. 21 at The Crossings, where pairs from each school face off against pairs from the other in three alternate shot matches. On the first day, Daniel Boone’s Taylor Smith and Grayson Clark defeated Crockett’s Dylan Bailey and Tye Dixon 3-2 (three holes up with two to play). Aaron Boyd and Billy Smith defeated Crockett’s Roger Raines and Aaron Hill 2-1.
Jesse Broughton and Daniel Wagner of Boone were also victorious over Crockett’s Brady Autrey and Mitchell Kern 4-2, and Cole Keck and Kaleb Stone of Boone defeated Crockett’s Isaac Dotson and Robbie Isbell 4-3. The Boone girls kept the first day sweep intact with Haley Wagner and Trinity Campbell defeating Crockett’s Caroline Alonzo and Hannah Alonzo 3-2.
Day two of the contest took place on Aug. 22 at Graysburg. The second and final day of the competition pits individuals against one another from the competing schools in nine holes. Boone continued their dominance on day two, winning nine of the ten matchups.
Smith (Boone) defeated Bailey (Crockett) 3-1; Clark (Boone) defeated Hill (Crockett) 4-2; Broughton (Boone) defeated Raines (Crockett) 3-2; Keck (Boone) defeated Isbell (Crockett) 4-3; Boyd (Boone) defeated Dixon (Crockett) 5-4; Stone (Boone) defeated Kern (Crockett) 5-3; and Hunter Chandley (Boone) defeated Autrey (Crockett) 2-1.
The Boone girls were also winners in both of their matches over the Lady Pioneers with Boone’s Wagner defeating Crockett’s Caroline Alonzo 5-4 and Campbell of Boone defeating Hannah Alonzo 4-3.
The only matchup during the contest that did not result in a Boone win was between the Blazers’ Wagner and Crockett’s Dotson where the two finished in a tie. For 2012, the Musket Cup once again remains in Gray after a decisive Boone win.