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Pioneers to play in Palmetto State Showdown

With high school football season rapidly approaching, teams statewide are looking for any edge that might better prepare them for the 2014 schedule.
David Crockett players might have already found theirs.
Trying to build off their best season in school history, the Pioneers will travel to South Carolina to take on some of the country’s best football programs after being selected to the Palmetto State Showdown, a 7-on-7 passing competition at Byrnes High School on July 11-12.
Crockett received entry into the event after tournament organizers discovered Crockett’s Twitter account and saw the passion for football in Jonesborough.
“They saw our Twitter account and liked how we advertised our kids’ highlights to college coaches and set a positive example with social media,” Head Coach Jeremy Bosken said.
Bosken was sent a message on Twitter from event organizers and after a phone call, Crockett was admitted to the field of teams to take part in one of the nation’s top passing tournaments.
On offense, the seven positions begin with a quarterback and a center along with five eligible receivers, which can include a running back and tight end.
On defense, the seven positions are occupied by a combination of defensive backs and linebackers.
A receiver is downed by touch, and players will only wear their jersey, shorts, cleats and helmet.
Offenses start on their opponent’s 40-yard line and have three downs to get 15 yards. Quarterbacks have four seconds to throw.
Bosken wants to bring 24 players to the event in order to fill the 14 positions.
“We are trying to make the list right now,” Bosken said. “A lot of our returning starters have been selected, but we also want to bring guys who have shown promise this offseason and some young guys who we want to see more of.”
Play will begin with a round-robin format before moving into a single elimination tournament. Crockett is guaranteed at least 11 games.
There will be 20 teams from six states competing in the Showdown and the competition should be tough, with several perennial state contenders attending the event, including host school Byrnes, the 2013 South Carolina state champion.
“The competition is a great opportunity to help us learn and practice our coverage packages as well as our pass routes,” Bosken said.
Besides increasing the fluidity between quarterbacks and receivers and practicing coverage schemes, the event will also give those participating greater exposure at the next level with recruiting services such as rivals and scouts attending the event.
As for the upcoming season, Bosken believes events such as the Showdown help solidify team unity, which was a significant teaching point last season in Bosken’s first year, translating to results on the gridiron.
“I want to see our guys bond and hold each other accountable,” Bosken said. “It will be a good way to develop trust between our players as they room together and interact. Once July 7 hits, it’s football season, just the beginning of a long process that we want to start off right.”
Crockett will open the event against Conway High School before taking on Byrnes in their second game.
Bosken plans on providing updates throughout the two-day event on the team’s Twitter page.