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Pioneer Softball’s Kara Weems signs with Milligan

Surrounded by family, coaches and friends, Kara Weems (front, middle) signed to continue her athletic and academic career with Milligan on Thursday, Nov. 1.


Staff Writer

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For Kara Weems, the feeling of having her mom, Carla Weems, along with her family and friends there to watch her sign her scholarship papers was exciting. She also enjoyed having her softball coach, Coach Weems, there as well.  The fact that her mother also happens to be her softball coach couldn’t make the day any less special, nothing could.

Weems, who signed with Milligan on Thursday, Nov. 1, also felt some relief knowing where she would be for the next chapter in her life.

“It felt good to know that I knew where I was going to go and that I didn’t have to worry about getting a scholarship from somewhere else and have to worry about finding a college that wanted me as Milligan did,” Weems said.

“(Milligan) has what I want to do and it’s a good atmosphere. It was really exciting to be able to see the coaches and everybody there to watch me.”

While some may be wary of having a parent as their coach, the senior pitcher said she knew the benefits it offered.

“It’s been good. Obviously it’s been kind of hard because she’s my mom, but it’s also been easy because she is my mom and she knows me better than anybody.”

Weems said that Milligan was the right fit for her after she went on a tour of the campus and felt she would grow in more ways than just education.

“I thought it was beautiful and thought all the people were super-nice and inviting. Their coaches were also really nice and it is a good Christian-based college. I knew that if I went there, that not only my education would grow stronger but so would my faith.”

Last year, Weems and her Crockett teammates were co-champions in the conference with Daniel Boone and district champions, but they were knocked out of regionals in the first round to Morristown East. While this year will be her final hurrah with Crockett, she said she wants to finish her career on a high-note, while continuing to improve her own game and outlook.

“I would love to get to state, or at least past the first round of regionals … also just working on staying positive the whole time. Not getting down on myself because I know that last year, I had some times where I wasn’t as calm, so it’s harder for everybody else to be calm if your pitcher in the circle isn’t calm, as well.

“From where I used to be, I used to think it was just speed and it was all on me, but as I got older it was easier to see that you have a team behind you. And it’s not just about speed, it’s all about all your movements and what you’re going to do with it.”

While Weems will attempt to make her senior softball year memorable, she said there was a few things she would be looking forward to when her time at Milligan begins.

“(I’m ready for) the atmosphere and the classes. I want to be a nurse so it’s a great spot to learn more about that. Making new friends and having lots of new experiences.”