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For Whitney Ford, wrestling like a girl means winning

From looking at Whitney Ford, you would never guess in a million years that this past year, in her first year as a competitive wrestler, she won the title in the 138-pound division at the State Wrestling Championship. She’s also the first female from Daniel Boone to win a state title.
“It’s an exciting sport,” said Ford, who plans to be a marine biologist. “I pray all the time before a match. I’m nervous, but I think that if I’m determined enough, I am going to be able to win.”
And win she has. Ford, a sophomore, transferred to Daniel Boone High School from Science Hill this past year, and while her former school had a wrestling team, she was in band and had no time for it.
Ford loves physical sports and even enjoyed being on the cheerleading squad, but said she was looking for a new sport when she got to Boone and decided to give wrestling a try.
“Our team has grown since I started – at first there was only one other girl, now there are two,” Ford said. “Practice is really hard. Sometimes you think you might not get through it, but it develops endurance.”
She credits the support of her family as a large part of her success. “My family has been really great,” Ford said. “Our coaches are supportive. They make us work hard so we will be better people and better wrestlers and better team members.”
Ford’s family shares her enthusiasm. “I’m ecstatic,” said Sam Ford, Whitney’s father. “I’m just as proud of her as I can possibly be, and so proud she won the state championship. I always tell her she’s like a mule. When she puts her mind to it, she can do anything.”
Ford’s advice to other young women interested in wrestling? “Work hard to win and achieve your goals, then be happy with what you do and don’t let anybody put you down about it.”