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Daniel Boone and David Crockett battle to draw on soccer pitch

Photo By: Garrett TumlinDaniel Boone’s Chance Bowman (left) battles for the ball against David Crockett’s Corbin Cowden during their match up on March 15.
Photo By: Garrett Tumlin                                                                               Daniel Boone’s Chance Bowman (left) battles for the ball against David Crockett’s Corbin Cowden during their match up on March 15.


A clash of two county rivals, Daniel Boone and David Crockett, went down in a tie as both soccer teams fought hard on defense on Tuesday, March 15. There were many big moments in the game where it looked like the lead could have changed at any moment, but a dominant performance from both team’s goal keepers kept the game scoreless.
The game started off a little shattered, but both teams seemed to put the pieces together in the second half as the tension picked up.
“We told them ‘you play hard 40 seconds or you’re going to get beat’,” Daniel Boone Coach Steve Sessis said. “Apparently Tony (David Crocket coach) told them the same thing as we played hard another 40 and came out in a tie.”
Sessis said he thought both teams were evenly matched.
“Physical…both teams had great opportunities to score,” Sessis said. “Both keepers stopped the great opportunities or we just stopped it by not letting the ball go near the net. This was one of those games that we could play half a dozen more times and one team would win three and the other would win three. There was just a lot of parody on both sides.”
Senior goalkeeper Tyler Stevens performed well for the Trailblazers as he deflected all attempts from the enemy. He looked like the team’s leader on defense as they stopped the Pioneers from attacking the neck.
“My mind set is to block everything that comes back there,” Stevens said. “I feel like our defense is our key and I’m really confident in my defense. Every day I come to practice, practice hard and we give it all we got.”
Blocking the goal for David Crockett was junior goalkeeper Caleb Bishop. Bishop believes his team’s performance is getting better.
“I just did what I had to do,” Bishop said. “I know our back is really good, but sometimes they let through and I’m lucky enough to be there to help them.”
This was a big game for both teams as last year David Crockett defeated the Trailblazers for the first time in over two seasons, both in the regular season and in the tournament.
“I feel like a tie is better than a loss,” Stevens said. “I feel like it’s not going to hurt us, but it’s not going to help us either. We just have to push harder the next game.”
Boone will return to the pitch on March 24 at home against Tri-Cities Christian, while Crockett will host Happy Valley on March 28.