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Crockett to get new stadium seats

Crockett got the go-ahead to install 100 stadium seats for the 2017-2018 school year.


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It’s football time in Tennessee — and at David Crockett High School, it’s time for new stadium seats.

Crockett Athletic Director Josh Kite presented his plans to the Washington County Board of Education to install 100 stadium bucket seats to the Pioneer football stadium. Kite said he plans to install these seats for the upcoming season.

“If you look around  — Daniel Boone High School, Science Hill, Elizabethton —  those seats always sell. Everyone wants a seat back. Everyone wants to be comfortable,” Kite said. “Every stadium’s going to it. We’re playing catch-up a little bit, but it adds a good scenery there. It’s something we needed to do and we’ll recoup that investment on the first year.”

The brown, gold and white Maximus 28 seats from Seating Solutions are quoted at $2,351. The seats will be sold between $80 to $100 per seat for the entire season which could turn a profit for Crockett athletics beyond paying for the newly added seats.

“If this is reoccurring money, residual income, we’re going to make upwards of $40,000 to $45,000 over a five-year span as opposed to $15,000. That’s a $30,000 difference to the better,” Kite said. “We can start focusing on that and we could start saving. It could be applied to other things that are needed — not just for athletics, but on the curriculum side of things.”

Above is an example of what the new Maxiumus 28 bucket seats could look like at Crockett.

Kite said he is looking including a parking pass and a voucher to the concession stand with each seat purchase—and he’s also thinking these seats will pay for themselves the first year; The seats could bring in $8,000 in ticket sales per those 100 seats (priced at $80 for the season) verses the $3,000 in ticket sales those 100 spots historically bring in (priced at $6 per game per season). The new chairs would bring in a profit of over $5,000 if each seat sells—which is a problem Kite doesn’t think the school will have to face.

“I really feel like these are going to sell. We have a lot of hype down there at the football stadium and Crockett athletics and it’s a great opportunity,” Kite said.

“I’ve had at least 100 people ask me for seat backs.”

During Kite’s request to make facility changes to the Jonesborough stadium, BOE Chairman Jack Leonard mentioned that the school system is planning to remodel the stadium in the future. Kite said the seats are removable should such a renovation take place.

“Let’s say it’s five years before we can do any type of renovation. (By adding and selling the seats) we have made $30,000,” Kite explained. “This is something we can afford and everyone wants a seat back. They’re going to pay it.”