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Crockett looks forward to ‘Good’ season

rockett Athletic Director Josh Kite has had to make some difficult decisions that would undoubtedly reverberate through Pioneer athletics for years to come.
His first major decision came in December of 2012 when he hired Jeremy Bosken as the new man to lead Crockett football. Just a couple of months later, Kite faced another important hire following the resignation of boys basketball Head Coach Richard Tarlton.
This time Kite chose longtime Science Hill assistant, John Good to lead Pioneer basketball for the foreseeable future.
Nearly a year after Kite made the first of two major hires, Bosken exceeded all expectations, changing the Crockett football culture and taking the Pioneers to the TSSAA playoffs for just the second time in school history.
Now it’s John Good’s turn.
“John Good has a proven track record of winning,” Kite said. “We knew he was going to be a head coach and we are fortunate to have him. He has earned the right to be a head coach and he has a great future ahead of him.”
The first-year head coach takes over at David Crockett after spending the past 12 seasons at Science Hill as an assistant under Topper head coaches Mike Poe and Ken Cutlip.
In coming to Crockett, Good didn’t just bring a new style of basketball to Jonesborough, he also brought with him his son Patrick, a talented freshman at Science Hill last season and top Crockett scorer through the early going this year.
Good is admittedly a family man through and through and his arrival at Crockett would not have happened unless his family was behind the decision.
“This was a family decision,” Good said. “If they hadn’t wanted this to happen, it wouldn’t have happened.”
As a first year head coach, Good realizes the importance of establishing his system and schemes early on at Crockett, but iterates that the kids have to buy in.
“It’s not going to work unless the players buy in,” Good said. “And they have to know that I am committed and what I am about.”
And according to the Athletic Director the kids have definitely bought in.
“The kids have absolutely bought into Good’s system,” Kite said. “When practice is over, the kids don’t want to leave the court. They want to stay and get better. With the toughness and intensity of a John Good practice, that is definitely saying something.”
For Kite, there was no question that Good was the right man for the job.
“He is just a born leader,” Kite said. “He’s an excellent multitasker, a relentless worker, the example he sets for the kids is second to none.”
A Good run practice is 100 percent intensity from start to finish. He makes conditioning a top priority and expects his guys to outlast their opponents during games.
Kite also sees similarities in his two biggest hires.
“Bosken and Good are both winners, they both have coached at Science Hill and it was kind of like a package deal to get them both,” Kite said. “They are building off of each other. Good was always on the sidelines of Crockett football games and Bosken is the same way with basketball.”
With the addition of Good, Crockett basketball appears to be in good hands. And while Bosken has already proven what he can do in just one year, Kite is certain Good will follow suit.
“He gives this team the opportunity to win every time they step on the floor,” Kite said. “He is always making the kids better. The future of Crockett basketball is bright.”