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Coach still considers Lady Eagles’ season a winner

Executive Editor
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After celebrating Washington County’s Large School Division Championship in September, Grandview’s Lady Eagles met with defeat at the hands of Sullivan Middle School Monday night.
Yet, these girls can still hold their heads high, according to Coach Carla Weams.
“They were undefeated all season with the final record of 12-0,” Weams said. “This is the third large division title for Grandview.”
This team of 8th-grade girls from Washington County has played together for some time, and Weams credited their ability to work together as a main reason for their earlier success.
“These girls have played together for three years,” she said. “It’s getting used to playing together as a team that’s important. This year they’ve all just taken off, and they just had a wonderful season this year.
At the Oct. 5 match-up at Sullivan Middle School in Kingsport, the Lady Eagles battled Sullivan County’s top team.
Weams was counting on her power house of girls for the win. “There is Morgan Barkley, a middle hitter,” Weams said, citing some her top players. “Madison Pleasant is one of my sitters and has a very, very good serve.
“In our game, if you can serve you’re going to win a majority of your games,”
Jessica Foister, a sitter and Ashley Forbes, another middle hitter, are also key parts of the team.
“They’ve all been together since 6th and 7th grades,” Weams said of the four.
Unfortunately, when the team took the court Monday, something seemed to be just a bit off and the Lady Eagles soon knew they were in trouble.
“They had some really good servers,” Weams said of Sullivan Middle team.
“We missed a few of their serves. And our good servers had an off night.”
Nerves, plus the time off for Fall Break may have taken its toll, and the Lady Eagles finished the night with back-to-back losses to Sullivan, 25 to 11 and 25 to 18.
As far as she’s concerned, however, Weams still considers it a time to celebrate.
“The 2015 Lady Eagles have three trophies, Season Champions, Large Division Champions and the overall County Champions,” Weams said. “It’s something to be proud of. For me, it’s just an honor to coach them.”
The coach also walks away from the season, not only a believer in the girls, but in the program as a whole.
“It means a whole lot, playing a sport in middle school,” she said. “You have to prepare and they have really learned the game of volleyball and have really grown.
“Having something they can do after school and to improve in something they love is really important to students. And it will help them down the road.”
This season’s Lady Eagles are also, in a way, the new volleyball ambassadors for upcoming students.
“They were there every day for practice,” Weams said of the current team. “It gave them a feeling of accomplishment.”
And now, she said, they can tell upcoming students, “This program is good and this is what you have to look forward to.”