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Boone tops area teams in annual invitational meet


This year, Daniel Boone came out on top of its 48th Annual Trailblazer Invitational.

Daniel Boone hosted the meet on Saturday, Oct. 10. The Trailblazer Invitational is the second oldest and longest running invitational in the State of Tennesee.

Both the girls and boys teams from Daniel Boone won the invitational. This is the first time in school history that the girls won the Trailblazer Invitational. This was the fourth win for both squads through their first five meets this season.

The girls took the team title for the first time in the 48 years of the Trailblazer Invitational behind sophomore Kamryn Wingfield’s runner-up finish among 121 finishers. The Boone girls scored 46 points to second place David Crockett’s 86 points. Kamryn finished second in 19:32, (senior) Patricia Chellah placed sixth in 20:05, (senior) Natalie Fellers was 14th in 21:18, (freshman) Ella Battel was 15th in 21:28 and (freshman), Emily Diehl was 16th in 21:29 for the first five scoring runners. 

Rounding out the Varsity Squad was (junior) Chloe Brown who was 19th in 21:50 and (freshman) Payton Laney who was 21st in 21:57. The remaining Lady Blazer Team was (senior) Nicole Griffith in 22:03, (senior) Marinda Walls 23:02, (junior) Alysse Rowland 23:17, (freshman) Alyssa Cain 26:07, (freshman) Sophie Oliver 26:37 and (junior) Bella Streeval 27:36.

Top, Boone’s girls team took the invitational win for the first time in history. Above, the boys team also rounded out a win at the invitational as well.

The boys team also won, scoring 25 points to Dobyns-Bennett’s second place with 83 points. 

Junior Conner Wingfield, who is undefeated this season, was the individual winner in 16:05. The next four scorers were (freshman) Luke Mussard who earned third in 16:50, (sophomore) Bryson Lewis 7th in 17:37, (sophomore) Alex Quackenbush who was 9th in 17:41 and (junior) Sam Hall who was 12th in 17:52, (senior) Evan Bruce who came in at 18:04 and (sophomore) Ashton Sheesely who came in at 18:11. 

Other Blazers were (junior) Jordan Allen 18:32, (senior) Carson Sells 19:07, (junior) Nick Payne 19:08, (sophomore) Conner Roberts 19:09, (sophomore) Elijah Gouge 19:20, (sophomore) Sam Cline 19:58 and (sophomore) Evan Laney 21:08.

GIRLS TEAM SCORES: 1 Daniel Boone 46, 2 David Crockett 86, 3 Science Hill 97, 4 Morristown West 132, 5 Tennessee High 139, 6 Volunteer 160, 7 Dobyns-Bennett 155, 8 Sullivan East 158, 9 Cocke County 257, 10 Elizabethton 269, 11 Greeneville 272, 12 Jefferson County 326, 13 Happy Valley 327.

BOYS TEAM SCORES: 1 Daniel Boone 25, 2 Dobyns-Bennett 83, 3 Sullivan East 136, 4 Sevier County 188, 5 Greeneville 200, 6 Morristown East 203, 7 Science Hill 213, 8 Morristown West 214, 9 Jefferson County 218, 10 Elizabethton 223, 11 Volunteer 238, 12 West Greene 292, 13 Providence Academy 308, 14 University High 403, 15 Tennessee High 411, 16 David Crockett 411, 17 South Greene 472.