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Boone prevails on the links, claims Musket Cup victory

The Musket Cup of golf, pitting Daniel Boone against David Crockett, is the newest addition to the athletic rivalry between the two county high schools.
Blazer Coach Scott Martin and former Pioneer Coach John Verble began discussing the notion of the tournament a couple of years back.
Their idea turned into a Ryder Cup-themed tournament that began in 2007. And according to Martin, the interest and excitement has continued to grow with each passing year.
This year, the schools had a Musket Cup traveling trophy made to add even more emphasis to the tournament.
“The winning team gets to have the trophy at their school until the Musket Cup the following year,” Martin said. “Any school winning three years in a row gets to keep the trophy permanently and another will be made to give out the next year.”
Boone won in 2007 and 2008, but Crockett pulled off a tournament win last year.
Martin acknowledged going into the tournament that Crockett coaches Bill Smith and Todd Parker had a very strong team.
“Crockett has four rock solid seniors. Seems to me that Travis [Campbell], Justin [Eldridge], Logan [Moore] and Caleb [Tilson] have been playing for them for eight or 10 years,” he said.
Martin was also confident in his own team.
“I believe we can beat anyone on any given day, but after our struggles at the Big 8 Conference tournament, I really challenged my crew to redeem themselves at the Cup,” he said.
The first segment of the two-day tournament took place on Aug. 24 at the Graysburg Hills golf course.
Two golfers from each school were paired together against two golfers from the rival school. There were four pairings, with the fifth match setting two ladies against each other in one-on-one competition.
At the end of Day One, nothing was settled as the two teams were tied.
Crockett’s pairing of Travis Campbell and Roger Raines defeated Boone’s Hunter Moates and Jessee Broughton.
Boone was victorious in the second pairing, as Hunter Salts and Taylor Smith beat out Crockett’s Justin Eldridge and Garrett Wright.
The Pioneers gained the advantage in the third match, with Logan Moore and Hunter Tipton winning against Mark Seeger and Jalen Bridwell. Match Four ended in a tie between Boone’s Zach Hancock and Austin Good and Crockett’s Caleb Tilson and Dylan Bailey.
The Blazers’ sensational freshman Hayley Wagner earned a win over Crockett’s Kristan Johnson, knotting Boone and Crockett after the first day of competition.
On Aug. 31, the Musket Cup continued at The Crossings.
Golfers from both schools faced off in one-on-one competition with a total of nine events.
Boone jumped out early in several matches, but Crockett began to tighten the gap later in the day.
At the end of the matches, the Blazers were victorious. Crockett received wins from Campbell, Moore, and Bailey while Boone earned victories from Smith, Bridwell, Good, Broughton and Wagner.
“My freshman girl, Haley Wagner, finished the two days with a 2-0 record,” Martin noted. “She’s already pretty good and she is going to be outstanding when she gets a little more experienced.”
Moates and Wright squared in their match.
The Blazers 8-6 victory over the Pioneers in the two-day event gave them possession of the 2010 Musket Cup.
“I’m awfully proud of my guys and gal, not only for how they played but for the kind of kids they are, too,” Martin said. “We really needed a confidence boost and I believe the Musket Cup could very well be a turning point for our team.”