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Boone, Crockett punishments reduced following appeal

The aftermath of the Oct. 30 Musket Bowl brawl between David Crockett and Daniel Boone appears to finally have reached a conclusion with the TSSAA reducing the original punishments for both schools that had been levied less than 24 hours after the incident.
Although Crockett and Boone will remain on a regular three-year probationary period, the TSSAA announced a day following the Nov. 13 hearing that the postseason ban for the two schools would be reduced to only the 2015 season and each program’s fine lowered to $1,000.
The decision comes after administrators from the schools met with the TSSAA Board of Appeals on Nov. 13 in Murfreesboro regarding what they considered to be an unusually swift and severe punishment that consisted of a three-year postseason ban and a fine of $4,750 for each program.
The incident between the two teams broke out on Pioneer Field following an emotional 23-16 Blazer win in the 44th meeting of the two rivals.
What was initially a small scuffle between a couple of players from both teams soon erupted, pulling approximately 20 Blazer and Pioneer players and several fans into the ruckus.
Coaches, school administrators and law enforcement officials quickly gained control of the situation and separated the two teams on opposite sides of the field.
The punishment from the TSSAA, which followed in a letter sent to the two schools less than 24 hours after the incident and despite an ongoing investigation into the events by school officials, was met by Boone and Crockett affiliates with surprise.
The almost-immediate reaction by officials from Crockett, Boone and the Washington County Department of Education was to appeal the TSSAA’s decision. A hearing was set with the TSSAA Board of Appeals soon after.