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Boone, Crockett football alums to start new state tradition

For the first time in the history of Tennessee football, two high school alumni football teams will take to the field for a full-pad, full-contact game.
Those teams will represent David Crockett and Daniel Boone high schools.
The game, which is scheduled to take place in May, has been dubbed the Legends of the Musket Bowl, paying homage to the annual Musket Bowl match up between the county rivals.
A preliminary date for the game has been set for May 19.
The contest will be hosted at Crockett and is sure to attract the attention of people inside and outside of the community, as well as local and possibly national media outlets.
“This is a new idea, something that has never been done in the State of Tennessee,” Crockett Athletic Director Josh Kite said. “We have decided to call the game Legends of the Musket Bowl, with the winner taking home a musket.”
The alumni football game began as an idea several weeks ago when an organization called Alumni Football USA contacted Kite regarding the possibility of the school hosting a game for former Crockett football players.
The organization, which is rooted in California, began with one man’s dream to relive the glory days of his youth by participating in just one more game.
That man, Bob Cazet, turned this dream into a reality in 1985 by offering other former players the opportunity to play in a full-contact game.
Since then, AFUSA has suited up over 70,000 former players nationwide.
“Under those lights on a Friday evening, how many guys are sitting in the stands saying I wish I could get out there and show these boys how it’s done,” Kite said. “Well now they’ll have their chance.”
The equipment being used in the game will be the same pads that were used in the hit movie, The Blind Side, according to Kite.
Kite is hoping to fill at least 20 roster spots for each team. The game isn’t just open to the football alums.
Former band members and cheerleaders from the competing schools are also eligible to participate in their respective trade.
“We really want to go big with this,” Kite said. “This game should be a huge fundraiser for the athletic departments and a great event for the community.”
Giveaways, concessions and other festivities are also planned for the event.
“We expect to have a really big crowd on hand. In years past, you see most of the community coming out for the annual Musket Bowl, and we think people will be just as enthusiastic to see this game,” Kite said. “For everyone involved in our community this event is all about fellowship and we are really excited to host this game.”
If interested in participating as a player, cheerleader, or band member, or if you are wanting to purchase tickets to the game, contact Kite or Lisa Bradley at the school, 753-1150.
For information about Alumni Football USA, visit the website at