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Athletic directors scrambling to re-schedule missed games

The recent bout of bad weather has the Washington County school district reeling from lost time.
Areas most affected by sloppy road conditions and closures were the Daniel Boone and David Crockett athletic departments. With a little over a month left in the winter sports schedule before postseason play, athletic directors Danny Good and Josh Kite are scrambling to fix a scheduling crisis.
“Me and Josh have been in contact daily, trying to fit all the games and events that were canceled into the remaining schedules,” Boone Athletic Director Danny Good said.
“We have to sit down with our own coaches, as well as contact other athletic directors when rescheduling games.”
Good said the top priority when deciding what to reschedule is whether it is a conference game.
“Conference games always take top priority,” he said.
Trying to fit so many games in such a short time also brings about other concerns.
“We have other activities that aren’t just athletic-related that have been scheduled to take place in the facilities,” Good said.
“When rescheduling these games, we have to work around those dates, too.”
Over the next month, the Boone and Crockett girls and boys basketball teams will be the hardest pressed for time. The makeup games will add one or two games a week for each team as they finish out the schedule.
Two of the biggest games for the programs that were canceled amid weather-related concerns include Boone’s meeting against Science Hill that was rescheduled for Jan. 22, and Crockett’s contest against the Blazers, which was pushed back until Jan. 29.
Blazer and Pioneer wrestling also missed the highly touted in-school duel, which was set to occur on Jan. 12. Although Good intends for the event to be rescheduled, a makeup date has not been set.
According to Boone’s athletic director, the biggest problem is in rescheduling middle school games.
“At the middle school level, it is an absolute nightmare when games get canceled. Because regulations don’t allow middle school basketball to take place on non-school days, many of the games that were canceled due to the weather won’t be rescheduled,” Good said.
For the coaches of the winter athletic programs, practice is a huge concern when school is canceled.
“As far as practicing, we can’t make it mandatory because bad road conditions don’t always allow a player to make it to the school,” Good said.
This aspect can really hinder the athletic teams in such a pivotal part of the season.
With all the teams involved in activities already immensely crunched for time, another bout of bad weather could lead to permanent postponement, a possibility Good hopes the area can avoid.
“One more segment of bad weather and we are going to lose some games in the schedule; there just won’t be enough days left to make everything up at that point,” he said.