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We need to come together as a nation

The1798 Sedition Act was the first version of speech control, aka political correctness. The current version begun in the 1970s was designed to remove someone’s idea of “offensive” language from day-to-day conversations.
After three decades, the language of our culture is so “wrapped around the axle,” the focus of PC so intent, we now have an unpredictable morass of terminology in our lexicon capable of selectively destroying an individual at the drop of a hat. Rather than being a way to keep from offending someone, it often creates a larger offense to a larger, yet less vociferous segment of our population.
PC is a tool for ending debates where the discussion gets uncomfortable. It’s societal control. It’s destroying the art of debate, of free and open discussion.
The newest category of PC is “micro-aggressions” instituted by Janet Napolitano, head of the University of California system. Famous for referring to “terrorism” as “man-caused disasters,” she is training UC professors to be sensitive to language that could create “micro-aggressions,” such as:
• “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”
• “America is the land of opportunity.”
• “You speak English very well.”
• “Gender plays no part in who we hire.”
(Remember, these are being taught to our future leaders!!)
Now, we’re approaching the point where if you say “This coffee is too hot,” you’re toying with a micro-aggression. It just takes one offended coffee preparer, and look out.
One wonders how we got here. Like a frog in warming water, the slow progression from small, voluntary changes in language that most agreed were desirable. This morphed into a continuous stream of changes to our language and our value system that special interest groups — who had the money and power to do so — wanted to impose on society.
Therefore, we have become so used to tolerating this removal of values and norms, redefining words, and controlling speech that we, as a nation, have lost our solid foundation of beliefs.
We see Americans at war with each other more and more as a result. There is a “war on women,” on religion, on restroom use, on guns, gender issues, on foods we are allowed to eat, on water, on the rich, on Wall Street, on Christians and Christian symbols, Christmas, etc. Each day it seems there is something new.
And each day, the comments to articles on the Internet as well as the rhetoric on social media get more and more vicious, with more and more hate.
As is noted in the book of Judges as Israel went into decline, “everyone did what was right in their own eyes.”
If this hyper-sensitivity and the resulting hate is unstopped, it will destroy our nation more quickly and effectively than any of the other threats we face.
We need to rebuild the foundation upon which this country was created, to come together again as a nation and realize that these folks who try and divide us into different groups are the real threat to “One Nation Under God.” We need to stand up to these forces or fall as a nation.
The Sedition Act was wrong then, and its modern version is wrong now.