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Voters need to look behind the rhetoric

“With a wealth of information comes a lack of attention.” Matt Viser
The political season brings promises to boisterous cheers. Donald Trump boasts he will force Apple to manufacture all of its products in the U.S. and will have Mexico pay to build a “wonderful wall with a beautiful entrance.”
The thing most unique about this year, however, is a huge step in the 85-year effort to make America a socialist country. This year, we have an avowed Socialist vying for President, seeking the Democrat nominee. As he campaigns, Bernie Sanders has stated his desire to transform America to a socialist nation.
Bernie’s positions include “free” college and “free” healthcare for all Americans and immigrants, legal or not; eliminating income inequality by forcing businesses to pay his wage; and re-regulating Wall Street, breaking up the big banks. As this was debated, there seemed to be little difference between, Bernie and Hillary Clinton, who advocated reigning in job-providing, tax-providing corporations like Microsoft, Apple and Johnson Controls.
In reality, we will all pay for student loans for everyone going to government-run colleges —approximately $70 billion annually for starters (no, its not free); pay insurmountable healthcare costs (currently over $1.5 trillion just to ensure 11 million of the 300 million in America); and force businesses to pay a minimum wage in excess of the value of the work performed, etc.
As we learned from Seattle, D.C., etc., small businesses close, automate, contract, or lay of people when this is imposed.
What was not mentioned? Paying down the current $19 trillion current debt.
The estimated $18 trillion in free things would be paid by taxing the “rich” up to 90 percent (aka someone else) as government defines “rich.” Today, it’s billionaires, tomorrow millionaires. But when the “rich” are taxed out, or have left the country with their money (which many are doing), who is “the rich” who will be taxed next?
Check your bathroom mirror holding a picture of your grandchild. Yes, it is us. And people cheer for this??!!!
Both Democrat candidates promised going after big banks for being too big. Didn’t we fix this? Wasn’t the 2010 Democrat-crafted Dodd Frank bill signed by President Obama just 6 years ago, a “cure-all” legislation for all the problems identified in the banking industry prior to the recession?
Its regulations on banks and Wall Street created a huge cost to the finance industry and its consumers.
Now are we told it’s not working? Now we need to invoke more regulation?? More cost??!! More difficulty in getting loans? With more applause??!!!
Maybe the problem is not the banks, but the inept government.
Socialism, communism, or any form of top-down command-and-control government has never worked except in North Korea.
Venezuela’s socialist government couldn’t even provide toilet paper, and is now in total disarray. Vladimir Putin has begun privatizing government-run industries to save his country from economic collapse. Likewise with Spain, and Baltic countries, even China. Canada is trying to get out of its national healthcare.
Still, we have those who want to continue to move us away from the economic system and governing exemplar that created the greatest, most generous, most caring, most prosperous country in the world. They want to move us away from our Constitution, and away from being a global stabilizing force.
This is not who we are. We can do better. We need to pay attention and think beyond the short term.