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Town offers lots of ‘good news’

Watching the nightly news, it is becoming replete with stories of government mistrust.
The approval ratings of our national leaders have tanked to historic new lows.
We have seen senseless crimes — the killing of a young man jogging for the “fun of it;” three teens beating a kid to a pulp; an 88-year-old war hero being beaten to death; drug crimes abounding, and on and on.
Studies show the keys to much of the crime nationwide are the broken family, lack of values training, lack of understanding the value of life, lack of the belief in a God who has created us.
Faith, family and values are important components of our children’s lives.
Some of the various forms of media promote destructive behavior through music, television and movies celebrating promiscuous behavior, senseless killing, hatred of authority and others, etc.
Few show the real impact of the violence they portray on families or communities. “It’s just a movie,” right?
Then there is the Internet, one of the most versatile forms of communication known to man.
It can be used to spread the good, bad and ugly throughout the world.
Unmonitored and unfiltered, our children are at risk of exposure to those who encourage individual behaviors, leading them to or trapping them in all of the above.
As Anne Murray once sang, “We sure could use a little good news today.”
Jonesborough is the kind of community that works hard to support and bring families together through its activities, programs and attractions.
At Home With Santa, Eggstravaganza, Haunts and Happenings, and Jonesborough Days, bring families out where they all can enjoy these family oriented activities and making memories.
Programs like Shop with a Cop are designed to build a bond between at-risk kids and our law enforcement professionals.
Programs like those at Oak Hill School remind children of our heritage.
These are often supported by local businesses, service clubs and individuals. Therefore, these events are usually free or at very low cost.
New parks are being built and old parks have been upgraded, providing a safe place for children to play.
Walking paths are being built, sidewalks are being improved to make it more safe for families to be able to walk together through town and on to our schools.
Jonesborough Repertory Theatre plays bring children and adults together, as participants in the play where they are trained in performance arts.
Other programs encourage children to reach back and learn a part of their family history. Community gardens are being planned.
The list goes on.
This little town is having a big impact on families.
Through these activities and programs, families are provided ways to help their children see and understand the good things in life, and to help build a foundation so their children will have a better chance of success.
Town leaders, employees, local business leaders, service clubs and the army of volunteers are who help make these things happen.
It is a lot of hard work, so be sure to say thanks the next time you see anyone involved in making good news happen.