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Town celebrates months of wins

The past month has been an exciting and purposeful time for our town of Jonesborough. Our town’s presentation and proposal to enter into an agreement with the Washington County Commission and Washington County School Board to build a new K-8 school and community park for shared use was greeted with open minds and enthusiastic support. I couldn’t be more proud of our town’s Alderman, our county commissioners and school board members. The unity and leadership all three boards have displayed bodes well for the future of not just Jonesborough, but our entire county and Johnson City. I am personally grateful for the new relationships and friendships developed during this community and school project.  We have a few more “wins” to accomplish but with the leadership in our county and town, I’m confident about the outcome. 

Our board and staff continues to do the business of our town. Completing our 2019/2020 budget for the coming year was a daunting task since we had to wait for the State of Tennessee to set our new equalized property tax rate. I’ve learned that equalization is a fluid and ever-changing event for cities and town’s because taxpayers can rightly appeal an appraisal they deem too high. As some taxpayers see their appeal granted and tax burden lowered, our town must adjust revenue collections to offset those reductions. I expect our new property tax rate to be set at $1.20 in the coming years after state equalization lowered it from $1.30. This year we will operate on a lean budget and focus on our basic responsibilities to our residents.

Lastly congratulations to William “Beebo” Russell for earning Employee of the Month. He is a great representative for our town staff but also for our community. In October we have our 2019 Storytelling Festival and other great events. Make sure to come attend and enjoy the wonderful quality of life we have in Jonesborough and eastern Tennessee!

— Jonesborough Mayor Chuck Vest