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Today is the day to remember Ernest

Today is an important day in Jonesborough, not only as a way to honor a great man in our history, but also as a way to protect his — and  this town’s  legacy.

Dr. Ernest McKinney was a educator, ground breaker and activist, but most remember him as a good man who never hesitated to do his part in whatever needed to be done.

As a part of  “I Remember Ernest McKinney Day,” residents and businesses will be busy putting up signs and flooding social media to honor him.

More importantly, however, the McKinney Center will be hosting a story gathering session from 1 to 6 p.m. today at the center to capture — and preserve — many of those memories.

Anyone willing to share an Ernest McKinney story is encouraged to stop by. As Jules Corriere from the McKinney Center said in today’s front page article, “We have digital recorders and these stories will become part of our archives.”

We here at the Herald & Tribune encourage everyone out there today to heed her call. We do not want to lose a trace of McKinney’s legacy, nor let one precious story fade as time marches on.

It is, we believe, the best way to say thank you for all he was able to do.