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To be united or not: It’s our choice

In 1861, South Carolina announced they were no longer part of the United States and not subject to its laws. This began the tragic Civil War.

Today we have hundreds of cities and some states now declaring that they will no longer comply with federal immigration law and will not cooperate with ICE personnel trying to enforce the law. 

This puts the nation at risk. And now the State of California Attorney General has announced that, since California is a “Sanctuary State,” the state will “Issue a warning to California employers Thursday that businesses face legal repercussions, including fines up to $10,000, if they assist federal immigration authorities.” 

So, what is different between 1861 and now? Well, there hasn’t been a “Fort Sumpter” yet, but here we have states and communities picking and choosing which laws they will obey, which, include states violating federal drug laws such as the use of marijuana. 

It is time that we decided we are a nation of laws or a nation of chaos.  A nation whose main priority is to protect its citizens ,not a nation where states fight the federal government or partner with the federal government to ensure safety of all citizens and immigrants.

Should we put all our effort and resources into those who arrived outside the established laws or should we put our time and resources into processing those trying to enter the country under established immigration law and reduce the time it takes to get in?   

I know these folks are here, we see them and we want to help them. We live around them; we can understand their plight. They like it here for many reasons. But there are people who have an equal or  higher passion to be here — we just can’t see them. They are those stymied in the legal processes to emigrate legally into our country.

As a country, our government has failed the citizens and its immigrants. It has ignored the immigration issue for most of my life. This governmental system is broken because letting it go works for the politicians, and we are left to deal with the real world issues. High prison population, gangs attacking other immigrants and Americans, and other felons who arrive along with the good folks just trying to improve their lives.

So, as we watch the political maneuvering, we will see that the end product might provide a short term solution for those in country, but I wonder if it will really solve the real problem of immigration — streamlining the legal entry processes for folks that want to contribute to our country and securing our borders from those who want to harm us or buck the system.   

Are we going to have states and cities conform to federal laws, as assigned to the federal government by the Constitution, or have a “Civil War” of sorts where states and cities who not only disregard federal law but establish laws threatening their citizens who help the federal government while banding together against the federal law enforcement personnel. 

Are we the United States or the United States?  Which way do we want to go?