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This is the transformed America?

Folks are telling us the economy is getting better. I reckon the stock market and the news help us feel this way.
Of course, if you’re looking for a job, the reality is slightly different.
It seems everyone is enamored with the unemployment rate. However, it doesn’t represent the number of unemployed; it’s the number of people actively looking for jobs.
So we’re at 7.4 percent now, but that’s partially because 200,000 of us quit looking for jobs last month.
Now, I figure if we all stop looking for a job, we can take that unemployment rate right down to zero, solving that problem.
More important is the percentage of Americans working, which has fallen below 58 percent and has been declining steadily.
This represents the percent of people who actually have jobs and 20 percent of this number are part time jobs, the highest ever.
This is economic reality.
As for the stock market, well, consider it a general store for a minute.
If someone brought in $89 billion in cash each month, your books would look pretty good! That is exactly what is happening.
Government adds $89 billion of debt a month to pump up the stock market, making those numbers look good.
After 10 months, we have gone over $890 billion in debt (more than our defense budget and food stamps combined), to keep Wall Street looking good.
What happens when government stops pumping the stock market full of our children’t money? Can you spell “crash?”
A lot of jobs are lost, reduced in hours, or not available because of the rules in Obamacare, passed using the Forest Gump legislative process — “This Legislation is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are gonna get ‘til you pass it.”
Yep, and those paying attention realize it is a box of bitters, not chocolate.
Businesses don’t know what’s coming, but they can see enough to know its costly.
To protect their ability to stay in business and continue to employ people, they are hunkering down, trying to avoid the huge costs of Obamacare, most of which are yet to come.
Unions, who pushed for this bill, want out, now saying their health plans are cheaper and better.
The new head of the IRS asked Congress to exclude himself and his staff. These IRS agents are the ones who will be ensuring we pay for Obamacare by April 15, if not sooner. Does this tell us anything?
Finally, Congress and their staffers worked day and night, showing up in the middle of the night, to pass this law.
Now they have gotten the U.S. taxpayers to subsidize 75 percent of their premiums. What about us? We pay for ours as well.
The economy will pick up just because we are independent Americans, and we don’t let others hold us down.
But, rather than the possibility of near explosive growth, it’s picking up at a record slow pace.
And this is the transformed America.