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The battle for the musket has begun

Excitement has been building as the 49th Annual Musket Bowl nears. Each year, whether you are a Trailblazer or a Pioneer, this seems to be the game that matters.

True, it’s great to close the year with a winning season or carry a district or state title home to decorate a high school’s hallowed halls, but to end up with a musket — oh my!

Like all great battles, this one has been filled with its highs and lows. Some years, our county has shown exactly what teamwork and sportsmanship look like.

In others, we are the best example of what happens when our passions to win trump everything else.

But like family, these ups and down simply seem to unite us.

For the players, for example, the 49th Annual Musket Bowl will carry with it memories that will not easily be forgotten.

That make-or-break play, the cheering crowds, those wonderful moments of camraderie— all will become part of the fabric of the graduating class of David Crockett or Daniel Boone High.

For parents, friends, neighbors and even plain old high school football fans, Friday’s game will carry every element of a truly American tradition, from the lights to the sounds to the wonderful smells of concession food.

For all of Washington County, Tennessee, however, the best part about the Musket Bowl is that it is all ours — and just ours.

On this night each year, Daniel Boone and David Crockett, two historical figures that in someways each represent some of the best of our region, match up to see who really stands out. Players will spill out onto the field ready to show what  they and their school are made of. And if it’s a win, the celebration is immense. If it is a loss, then determination sets in for next year.

Good luck to both Boone and Crockett in this year’s Musket Bowl. And, whether its a win or a loss,  always hold onto the memories.