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Thank you for a job well done

Letter to the Editor

By Jack Van Zandt (Jonesborough)

As with many in Jonesborough, I was shocked to hear that Mayor Kelly Wolfe is resigning. He has been a force for good in our town. His innovative spirit, his organizational excellence, his background in business and development, his respect and appreciation of our town employees and volunteers, and his love of Jonesborough all came together and resulted in one giant leap forward for our town of Jonesborough. He set a great example of leadership.  And you could never miss his laugh as he interacted with constituents, whom he referred to as friends.

I have lived in many towns throughout my seven decades and have never seen a more effective leader and none who have done as much for their town as Mayor Wolfe. So while his departure causes me some concern, the person who should really be concerned is the person who has to follow in his footsteps.

God’s Word tells us that God appoints leaders, and they are appointed for a season and a reason. So, having been blessed over the last 8 years with a man who had the skills, abilities, and foresight necessary to move us through many difficult challenges, I look forward to what God will be doing in our town in the future.

Thank you, Kelly. A job well done.