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Telling Jonesborough’s Stories: an opportunity for collaboration

Telling Jonesborough’s Stories – what an opportunity for the International Storytelling Center and the local community to collaborate on a worthwhile project!
Over the years, the ISC has been viewed by many as an island of sorts, an organization somewhat independent of the community surrounding it.
The potential is now here for interaction. With such a rich heritage, one can’t imagine that there would be any shortage of interesting stories from area residents.
Area residents are invited to get their stories to the ISC, who will in turn will share them in a variety of ways.
ISC Founder and President Smith has indicated that he is “actively harvesting” those stories which will be crafted into such things as “dance, theater, sculpture”, and says this is a way of “marrying both of his loves – storytelling and Jonesborough.”
Even if Smith can’t go back to his roots and interview dozens of people himself, as he did while working as a reporter years ago, his plan to invite residents to share their stories in on-on-one interviews and story circles should prove effective.
Some of the most fascinating people in the world live around here and the opportunity to connect with the community at large is at hand. But in order for this to work, residents need to be willing to share their stories. Even if you haven’t been actively involved with storytelling in the past, just imagine the tapestry for the ages that can be woven from your tales.
“Your stories don’t have to be old,” Smith says. “We want to collect the stories of everyone.”
We applaud this endeavor and look forward to seeing and hearing the fruits of this project which hopefully will involve a great many Jonesborough folks.