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Snow leaves blanket of gentle memories

Some called it global climate change. Some called it the Arctic Vortex. Some called it the Siberian Express. Some of the older generation called it “Winter.”
In the end, we just referred to it as snow and cold.
“How cold is it?” jokes were in abundant supply — mostly focusing on lawyers and politicians.  
Yes, the weather folks got it right this time, and we got all they predicted.
Fortunately, we were not in Boston where they had over 90 inches of snowfall, and roofs were caving in and snow tunnels were being dug. No, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.  
Waking up after the first snowfall and sub-freezing night, it was like an Ansel Adams photograph, a Simon Beck painting. The entire landscape had turned from dreary to bright. My burn pile as well as some clutter by my barn were gone, buried under a blanket of snow. Everything was covered, and covered well. The tree branches were mini-ice-scape’s reflecting the sun’s morning rays. It was like God covering the dreariness showing us what He can do.
This was reminiscent of the snowstorm we had on about the same day in 1968, the day before our wedding. We wound up in a snow drift and I had to call my father-in-law to-be to come and pull us out. Embarrassing, however MG-Bs have never been good in the snow.
It made me want to get out on my sled and take a ride down the hill behind us, but opening the door, I changed my mind. It was just too cold for my thin skin. Besides, I couldn’t find where I had stashed the sled.  
No, this was a great time to sit by the fire and look out the window…then I realized I was going to run out of firewood. Oh well, that cleaned the wood pile out, and next year we will start anew.
It is difficult to stay ahead of mother nature. Some found that even rock driveways can become dangerous as the water froze between the rocks, forming a sheet of ice.
To their credit, the road departments in the county and cities were as far ahead of the game as you could get.
Our street was plowed by 9 a.m., and you could get to the interstate and on your way. Slow going, but things were cleared as quickly as one could expect by some tired road crews who must have worked all night to make it happen.  
Likewise, all the tree cutting, pole upgrading and planning by the Power Board resulted in only minimal power loss. Once again, proactive planning, and we were glad that the heat was on. Now, of course, the bill cometh.  
By now, I hope the “beauty” of the snow will return, but wait until next year. For this year, we have been there and done that, slid on the ice, shoveled our sidewalk, etc.
Let’s remember to thank those who worked to keep the lights on and the roads open and let’s hope things warm up a bit.