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Show Jonesborough businesses some ‘cash register love’

Even with the summer sun beating down on us, retailers are no doubt making plans for this year’s Christmas shopping promotions.
You may not want to even think about holiday shopping at this point, but when you do start making your list and checking it twice, we urge you to make local shopping a priority.
Financial experts say consumer spending drives 70 percent of the economy.
If that’s so, but we continue to spend our money out of town, what does that say about how much we value our community and its economic well-being?
There are only 29 days to get your holiday shopping done this year, between Black Friday and Christmas this year, and those 29 days are often make or break for our local business owners.
Local stores employ your neighbors and relatives. They also provide income for support personnel for their business such as accountants, printers, graphic artists, marketing consultants and electricians and plumbers. These hometown businesses also purchase supplies, signs and landscaping, supporting even more area residents.
Local businesses pay taxes that help fund schools, police and fire services, road repairs, parks and many other town services.
And they support the many nonprofit agencies, youth activities and service organizations that ask for their help.
If you leave town to shop, your money leaves with you. The money you spend elsewhere is paying someone else’s teachers and buying some other town a new fire truck.
If you order online — as 54.8 percent of us have in the last year — none of that money comes back to your community. The same is true of mail order catalogs, where 38.4 percent of us have shopped in the last year.
So, while you’re making that list, take a few more minutes to think about the unique shops and shopping areas in our community.
Make a point of visiting as many of them as you can.
You’ll have a more enjoyable time meeting and seeing your neighbors and sharing the holiday spirit.
There’s no need to wait until you start your holiday shopping. We urge you to make local shopping a priority – starting today. It’s more important than ever.
We support and applaud the “Love Jonesborough – Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is – Buy Local” campaign.
And we hope this project is only the first of many such marketing efforts to spotlight our local merchants.
Last week, when we carried the story about this new merchant-based initiative on the front page, we weren’t shy about making it the dominant feature above the fold.
That is our way of saying how much we hope area residents will take notice and then take action. It is high time to show the Old Town some cash register love.