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Seniors deserve a bigger, better facility to enjoy their ‘golden years’

Jonesborough’s quality of life is exceptional.
With a moderate climate, a low cost of living and beautiful surroundings, it’s no wonder that so many people who have grown up in this area have stayed.
It is also no surprise that we have been “discovered” by many retirees who are looking for a pleasant place to enjoy their hard-earned leisure years.
Seniors are no longer content to sit quietly in rocking chairs and watch as those younger get to have all the fun.
Having a place to socialize, getting involved in hobbies and projects, traveling and learning new things is extremely important to our senior community. And much of that can be done through the Jonesborough Senior Center.
The center makes its own case for expansion needs: It has 1,184 members and only 35 parking spaces.
Jonesborough residents account for 174 members and the rest are folks from the surrounding communities that make up Washington County.
Senior Center Director Joan Miller has made many pleas and there has been much discussion about the need for a senior center expansion.
Visits have been made to look at other centers and there have been suggestions for new locations for the center as well as rumors of land donations.
But, with Jonesborough-owned land available surrounding the current JSC, it now seems more likely that the center would stay put and simply add additional space.
Either way, plans need to be made. There is no need to wait several more years to begin work on this important project.
Our senior community is continuing to grow, and with the Baby Boomer generation hitting retirement age, we shouldn’t expect to see a decrease in the number of seniors in Jonesborough anytime soon.
Many of these folks are the ones who have made our community the wonderful place that it is today. They deserve a center that honors their contributions to our quality of life. So let’s get on with it and make sure this generation of seniors gets to benefit from the fruits of their labor.
We suggest that a task force be created right away, not only within the Town of Jonesborough, but in cooperation with the Washington County county government.
Since JSC participants come from all over the county, it would seem only fair that the two entities form a partnership in this endeavor to share in the planning and the financing of this much needed expansion.