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Residents deserve clean water recognition

Recognitions to Bill Littleton and Dee Hubbard by the Washington County Commission for their tireless efforts to bring clean and safe water to the Greggtown/Hartmantown area are well deserved.
In February, County Mayor George Jaynes and the Commission’s Clean Water Task Force gave a special recognition proclamation to Pauline and Billy Littleton, wife and son of the late Bill Littleton for his dedicated efforts in helping to secure safe and clean water for his neighborhood. When Littleton’s efforts began, residents had no water or their wells and springs that supplied water were not dependable, many testing positive for Total Coliform and E-Coli bacteria.
In response, Bill worked countless hours to secure petitions, getting water supplied and applications completed and attended numerous meetings of the Washington County Clean and Safe Water Task Force. He died several weeks after the construction of water lines were started that will bring utility water to more than 75 residents in Greggtown and Hartmantown.
Dee Hubbard, a spokesman for the residents, was also honored with a proclamation. Like Littleton, he has worked many hours with the First Tennessee Development in securing a grant for the utility water project.
Washington County Commissioner and Task Force Chairperson Janice White along with Mayor Jaynes signed the proclamations recognizing Littleton and Hubbard for their dedication to the clean water project. White is also commended for her work on this important endeavor. She continues in the County’s efforts to bring safe utility water to every individual living in the county. Commissioner White has received assistance in her clean water efforts from Tennessee Representative Dale Ford (Rep. 6th District). Both the Cities of Johnson City and Kingsport are to be praised for their cooperative efforts in bring utility water to Greggtown/Hartmantown.
Water taps to homes are already being installed in this area of the county. The lines have been installed up Hartmantown Road and from there down the hill in Greggtown. Hookup fees for residents are substantial — $1,250 plus a $25 additional charge for people who have new houses started in the area since the application for the utility grant was made.
Several additional areas of the county need clean and safe water. Mentioned in the February Task Force Minutes are the following projects – Bulldog Miller Road, Fall Branch, Taylor Bridge, Hunt Road, Bowmantown / Carson Creek and Pleasant Valley Road. The Town of Jonesborough is involved in the Bulldog Miller Road project. Fall Branch residents are looking to the City of Kingsport for assistance while people living in Bowmantown/Carson Creek are waiting for an answer from the Chuckey Water District about extending water to their homes.
An extension of water lines from Johnson City could provide the needed utility water to those living on Pleasant Valley Road.