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Renewed hope ushers in New Year

Welcome to 2015. 
Hopefully we have left much of 2014 behind — including disappearing airliners, VA and IRS scandals, Benghazi, increased corporate hacking, destructive demonstrations, attacks on police, etc. Yes, good- bye 2014.
So as the new year begins, I look forward to great things happening.  
First, let’s stop the destruction that has plagued our communities under the guise of “demonstrations” and get level heads to identify, discuss and fix any real problems that exist. I applaud Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, for her efforts in advocating this.  
Next, let’s renew our support and continue to encourage our children to respect our cops and other first responders this year. Though currently under siege in larger communities, we have outstanding law enforcement in our area, and we need to keep supporting those who wake up each day to protect us 24/7.  
We need to continue to attack ebola. While seldom in the news in recent months, ebola is still a serious health threat, both for the U.S. and Africa. There are many companies readying vaccines. We need to determine what works and get it approved.  
Lower fuel prices resulting from private sector fracking and OPEC oil prices falling to compete gives Americans more discretionary cash. Congressional action to eliminate government-imposed penalties used to control staffing levels and full- and part-time work in the private sector through Obamacare could result in a boost to the economy and an opening in the job market to more full-time employment.   
Smart homes, where you control just about everything with a smart phone or tablet computer, are becoming more commonplace. The ways we get news and entertainment through traditional television and landline phones are disappearing. New “Smart TVs” offer more options for entertainment, news and education. Expect even more options this year.
LED lights will become more affordable. Able to out-last competing technologies and use less energy, LEDs have been too expensive for most. However, competition is improving, and they will become more and more the standard replacement for incandescent and mercury laden CFL bulbs.
Homes are not the only thing getting smarter. Safety technology is increasing in the automotive arena. Self-parking cars, side warning mirrors, back-up cameras, automatic slowing when closing too fast are all becoming common equipage on vehicles, and the technology is improving.  Driverless cars?? Not for me, but the technology is growing.
3D printers are now approaching affordability by homeowners. Capable of making toys, car and aircraft parts, they are in use already in corporate America. Now they are being tested to manufacture custom hip and joint replacements individually manufactured to be compatible with the patient. This will improve recovery time and longevity of the device. 
New drugs are on the way. PCSK9 is nearing FDA approval and is said to significantly reduce cholesterol. New blood testing processes increase the information available to doctors, providing better information at lower cost.
Many more medical breakthroughs are on the way to reduce costs and improve quality of care.  
Yes, the times, they are a changin.’ All in all, 2015 is a year with a lot of promise.
God Bless the U.S.A.