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Reflecting on our town’s progress

The year 2020 continues to bring great challenges, but fortunately our town of Jonesborough pushes forward with confidence and determination. I have been heartened by our community’s strength and confidence that together we will defeat any and all of these challenges. 

At our town’s October Board of Mayor & Aldermen meeting, we continued with the business of the town by prioritizing and funding numerous necessary projects.   

After much deliberation, I asked our board to approve five of these projects on which I sensed we had unanimous agreement versus procrastinating while we debated the inclusion of one or two more. The board agreed and approved funding two important road improvement projects for Shell Road and West Main Street, completion of Lincoln Park near the Senior Center and replacing two deteriorating foot bridges located downtown with more long-lasting materials. 

We should come back in November with decisions on improving and restoring youth athletic facilities at Persimmon Ridge Park, improvements or repairs to miscellaneous sidewalks  on west side of town or the appropriate level of funding for the Civitan Dog Park. My preference is we move forward with funding improvements to our most used youth athletic facilities located at Persimmon Ridge Park and secondly invest the budgeted amount of $75,000 to begin phase one of the Civitan Dog Park. I look forward to moving these park projects forward at the upcoming meetings in November or December. 

Our town continues to make steady progress on our new school and community project. We should be exercising the purchase option on the property where the school will be located by year end. The design committee has seen great collaboration between the architects, school personnel, parents and construct advisors which I think will ensure we build a school that surpasses the standards set by any school in our region. It’s looking good! 

Of course we are finishing 2020 with important national and local elections. I am proud of all the candidates in Jonesborough and throughout our region. They have conducted themselves well and they have campaigned in a very respectful manner toward each other.  

On Oct. 21, Jonesborough was fortunate to receive an impromptu visit from two U.S. Congressmen and many other state dignitaries. These visits allow us to showcase the beauty of our town and the quality of our people which has always allowed Jonesborough to accumulate grants and awards worth millions of dollars. 

This has allowed our town to grow while others pause; our citizen’s tax burden is small as other cities’ increase. Our reputation gets stronger and our results are admired. 

I close by saying I’ve enjoyed my time as mayor serving you and I look for to earning another vote from you. I appreciate the servant’s heart of our aldermen and I enjoy working with them to keep our beautiful town the envy of others. On Nov. 3, go vote for your candidates and, whether they win or lose, be thankful we as Americans have the freedom to choose. President Ronald Reagan once said, “One of the worst mistakes anybody can make is to bet against Americans.” 

So go vote and trust that your town is working with purpose to meet all the high standards our community deserves.