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Public health care and government shutdowns

When you fail to plan, you shut down. That seems to be where we are today, and where we will be forever unless things change.
Obamacare passed with great celebration, a longtime goal for liberals.
Those who opposed it were shut out. More than 90 percent of those who voted for it had not read it. The small number of senators and congressmen who were unsure received promises that disappeared once they voted.
The final vote was bipartisan against with 24 democrats voting against it in the House. Those voting for the bill voted party line.
To deal with the known factor that costs would skyrocket despite promises it wouldn’t, a federal budget was never developed.
The President’s budget received no votes in the Senate. House budgets of the last two years have been rejected by the Senate leader after being passed.
Thus, government has been funded with Continuing Resolutions where the government lets all the spending go on as needed, and passes individual bills funding specific needs.
With no budget, nobody has an idea of the amount of money being spent or where. When that happens, negotiations begin to increase the debt ceiling.
We’re told not borrowing more money would create a global crisis. Once approved, we’re told payments are a small part of the budget, which, of course, doesn’t exist. That is how our children wound up with an $18 trillion debt to pay off.
Government has shutdown, partially because yet another giant entitlement has been forced on the people, something we do not want and can’t afford.
It has been unilaterally changed, manipulated to give special favors and exemptions to the point it is not the same law that was passed.
The shutdown is in a stalemate. On one side, a group wanted to defund Obamacare. It then negotiated its self down to delaying the parts of the law that are not ready and fixing others. On the other side, the answer was simply, no.
In a shutdown, the Executive branch determines what parts of government are shut down.The National Institutes for Health was among those shut down.
When, unknowingly, 200 children arrived for cancer issues, Republicans offered a bill to keep NIH open. The Democratic Senate refused it. To them, it seems, politics trump life.
When we are all fully depending on Obamacare for our health needs and there is a government shutdown, will the government decide to shut down our health services to make a political point? This shutdown has shown us it very well could.