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Looking back: A time to reflect

As 2013 comes to a close, it is only right and fitting to reflect on the year as we go into 2014.
Rehabilitated: The old WCSB storage building is now the McKinney Center at Booker T. Washington School. A great accomplishment for Jonesborough.
Nook: The Nook reader could never catch the Kindle and compete with Amazon’s huge market presence. It will disappear this year unless a company like Microsoft will fund it.
Global Warming: Thousands of record-setting cold temps, massive ice formations in the Arctic, record cold in the Antarctic, no change in climate temps for the last 15 years show that we have beaten global warming. Global Ice Age coming? Not a new crisis! Let’s call this “seasons.” It’s cheaper and you can’t fool mother nature anyhow.  
The Jeep Liberty: Designed as both an “off” and “on” road vehicle, it picked up the wrong characteristics of each New Cherokee is based on the Dodge Dart.
Mustang BOSS: Major redesign of the Mustang in 2014/15, getting a new redesign for its 50th anniversary. Rumors are BOSS will make an early exit.  
CDs: The music format that replaced the cassette tapes, that replaced the 8-track tapes, that replaced the 45s, that replaced the LPs, that replaced the 78s, etc. are fading into the sunset in favor of MP3 computer files and streaming music from the “Cloud”. Who wudda thunk?
Incandescent Lights Exit: The safe, inexpensive incandescent bulb (40 and 60 watt) is disappearing (but reappearing in my cabinet). Outlawed to “help” us, that leaves only comparatively expensive bulbs as an option, and takes away our liberty to choose the products we prefer to buy.  
Final Goodbyes: Patti Page, Stan Musial, Van Cliburn, Jean Stapleton (Edith Bunker), Ray Price, Annette Funicello, Paul Walker, Ken Hutcherson, Peter O’Toole, Tom Clancy, Dale Robertson, and many others.  
US Airways Exit: Originally All American Airways, then Allegheny Airlines, US Air will become part of American Airlines, making it the largest airline company in the world.
White Castle released a “slider-scented” candle.  Ummm.
Traditional Health Coverage: Obamacare roll out is “admittedly messy.” Insurance-industry concerned rules are changing too fast. Signups lagging. Heavily advertised. Will it get out of ICU?
Departing Jonesborough: The Bistro, Gracious Designs, and Bomba’s.
Arriving in Jonesborough: General Store and Eatery, Farmers Market and more.  
Relocating: Marj on Main and Lollipop Shop. Watch us grow in 2014.
Duck Dynasty: Will it return? Did A&E make Duck Dynasty or did Duck Dynasty make A&E? Who has who in a corner? One of the few shows the President allows his girls to watch. What’s next? Stay tuned.
Last, but not least, a huge THANK YOU to our active service men and women, and first responders and their families for putting themselves “out there” to protect us everyday as we go about living our daily lives. Thank you.  
Yes, 2013 is history. God has blessed us as a nation and prepared us to face the challenges and opportunities of 2014. Happy New Year to all.