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Letters to the Editor

Friends of Eldridge ask for support

We have been friends with Dan Eldridge for many years. He has been a friend, co-church member, employer, business partner and client/customer to one of each of us at some point in our lives. We know Dan’s character and what he stands for. We have
been with him on Mission trips, in Sunday School classes, working for our community on various projects and many social settings. What impresses us the most about Dan is that he is always the same honest, sincere person in every circumstance. He
always takes time for others, even when he is at his busiest.

We feel Dan is the most qualified candidate for Mayor of Washington County because he is a successful businessman who has an intelligent, workable plan to better our county. We know that Dan is not doing this for any reason other than making our
community better for our future and our children’s future by bringing job and business opportunities to our area. Dan gives 110% in all that he endeavors, and that is why we know that he will make this county even greater. If we do not elect Dan
Eldridge, we will miss one of the greatest opportunities this County has ever had.

Ron & Gail Gouge, Gray, TN
Sidney & Joyce Allen, Johnson City, TN
Eric & Donna Swartwout, Jonesboro, TN
Joe & Pam Wilson, Johnson City, TN
Carl & Kathy Little, Johnson City, TN

Arnold deserves mayor job
My concern for Washington County and the direction it needs to go influences my need to write this letter. I have known and worked with Don Arnold for 35 years. He is well respected in the Judicial System and very qualified for the job of County Mayor. Don is known for wanting things done right and will not sacrifice his standards for anyone.
The state of the economy, the need for jobs, the county debt load, and the fact taxpayers cannot stand for another tax increase mean we need someone that is a fiscal conservative, knows county government and can take over the reins immediately.
Don is a lawyer which will help him understand all the laws the county must follow. He has a degree in accounting which will help him to use the taxpayers’ money wisely. He has been a state senator and can make the Governor’s office understand Tennessee does not stop at Knoxville. Don is a man that can bridge the gap between City and County government.
Don is an honorable man. I respect his opinion and ability to see both sides and then make a decision based on what is right for Washington County.
I have complete confidence and trust in Don, and I am personally asking you to VOTE FOR DON ARNOLD in the Republican Primary May 4, 2010 or in early voting which started April 14, 2010.

Karen Guinn
Circuit Court Clerk

Eldridge brings much to the table

Dan Eldridge, candidate for Washington County mayor brings much to the table. He is a proven leader, successful businessman, trustworthy, open and honest and cares deeply for the people in a community where his roots are firmly planted. He has the skills to transform Washington County into a thriving community without losing the intimacy and unique qualities that are dear to so many. His daily walk, decisions he makes and his relationship with others are reflective of his Christian lifestyle. He and his wife Tammy’s activities and support for ministry and mission endeavors through Boone Trail Baptist Church are unsurpassed. Both are wonderful role models for their children and other young people. Dan Eldridge is a man of integrity that we can trust and believe in. Dan doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. I trust him when he says he will control costs, oppose tax increases and recruit good paying jobs. I am honored to be his friend. He is a candidate worthy to be

Margie Shealy

City government shouldn’t run county goverment

It is my opinion that the J.C. Press’s recent endorsements of three candidates in the upcoming Washington County elections, is a not a coincidence, given all three candidates live inside the corporate limits of Johnson City. As I recall the last time the Johnson City government controlled the Washington County government was in the early-mid 1980s. I believe that was in the time period the “powers-that-be” in Johnson City joined with the Washington County Executive, who was also a resident of the City and the so-called “progressives” on the Washington County Commission decided to unload the parking garage aka “white elephant” onto the county tax payers in Jonesborough and the rural sections of the county as a courthouse/county office building. This effort was led by Attorney Don Arnold a member of the firm that collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees from Washington County over the years.
If the readers think this is/was not the case, they should also consider the record of at least two candidates for County Commission who consistently voted for any and everything the Johnson City government wanted from the county. In fact one of those candidates recently endorsed Arnold for Washington County Mayor. Don’t be misled by the “foggy” endorsements, all the City wants is bodies in place for their expansion purposes, again turing the county in the “haves and have-nots” of the 1980s if not worse.
All that I ask is you think about it.
Tracy M. Cravens
Johnson City

Act like Republicans when voting for mayor

Don Arnold and his supporters seem to think he should be mayor of this county because unlike Dan Eldridge, he doesn’t own property worth 12 million dollars and Eldridge chooses to send his kids to a private Christian school. Does Mr. Arnold know he’s running in a Republican primary? I could understand a liberal democrat attacking Mr. Eldridge for his values and his business success. The Democrats in Washington, DC have perfected the demonizing of free enterprise and the right to make educational choices. It looks like Mr. Arnold and his chief letter writer Vicki Shell are campaigning right from their playbook.
To me, Mr. Arnold’s attacks reflect more on his backward thinking than anything being wrong with Mr. Eldridge. Don Arnold says you can’t run government like a business. If Mr. Eldridge had run his business like a government, I can guarantee he would not have been able to put 12 million dollars in property value on the tax rolls. What’s wrong with success? I want a mayor who will work hard to make things better. And I’m going to vote for the man who pays more in property taxes that he’ll ever earn in a mayor’s salary.
Let’s act like Republicans and elect the best man for the job – Dan Eldridge.

Bill Hamilton
Gray, TN