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Latest BMA appointment is, in our view, a perfect fit

At the April 9 Jonesborough Board of Mayor & Alderman meeting, the board unanimously voted to appoint former longtime town employee Virginia Causey to fill the vacant alderman position. We here at the Herald & Tribune could not be more pleased.

This newpaper’s relationship with Virginia has already proven to be a  long and fruitful one. Whenever we needed to track down an important fact, gather details about an upcoming event or obtain guidance on how best to locate a town official, she was always on hand to point us in the right direction.

Before she retired, we used to joke that she was our 9-1-1.

We understand that many in the community felt the same.

Better yet, in all these dealings — whether chasing down a phone number or preparing a board packet — Virginia’s dedication to her hometown was always apparent.

She knew Jonesborough was special — not because of its historic buildings and small-town character — but because of the people she grew up with, worked with and lived along side.

In her 30-plus years as a Jonesborough employee, she remained this town’s biggest cheerleader and its best support.

It has been said, “Behind every great man there stands a great woman.”

In Jonesborough, behind every great man (or woman), there stood Virginia.

Now, Virginia has moved out of her supportive role and into the limelight as the BMA’s newest alderman.

Her purpose, she has said, has remained essentially the same; to care for and support the people of Jonesborough — both its residents and its employees.

But her power, one of the four voting members of the board, has increased.

And as the lone woman on a board that has been said to value diversity, we believe she will add a much needed voice to the BMA as she continues to serve.