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Jonesborough is becoming a regional cultural arts mecca

Entwined with the rich history that is the heart of Jonesborough is a vibrant, emerging cultural arts district.
The arts have been a large part in Jonesborough’s appeal for a very long time. However, in just recent years, that facet of the Old Town seems to be taking on a new life of its own.
We have long enjoyed the tangible art displayed in many shops in the form of glass, jewelry, quilts, antiques, paintings and much more.
With the art of storytelling as our centerpiece, the popularity of the Jonesborough Repertory Theatre has grown by leaps and bounds. Music on the Square attendance on Fridays has increased exponentially.
Throw in contra dances, craft festivals and fine foods, and the tapestry develops.
Now, with plans for a new cultural arts center at the east end of the historic district, a new dimension will be added to an already delightful ambrosia of the arts.
Now, especially, as we look for new ways to entice visitors to our area, it would seem the perfect time and a very good idea to market that aspect of Jonesborough’s charm as a separate entity.
Jonesborough is in a rare and wonderful position to command top billing, as not only the Storytelling Capital of the World and the Oldest Town In Tennessee, but as our region’s premier cultural mecca for arts lovers of all ages.