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Jonesborough’s landscaping work is blooming

As inconvenient as it has been at times for motorists traveling in and out of Jonesborough, the landscaping work that has been done on the medians along Jackson Boulevard has been well worth the trouble.
For what has seemed like days on end, we had only piles of dirt adorned with tiny multicolored flag markers to admire.
We watched as town crews labored to remove old plantings and weeds, refilling each median with saplings, plants of all textures and colors, and accents of hardscape.
After weeks of struggling with lane closures, the work is finally complete – and it is lovely.
And visitors to the state’s oldest town’s historic district will also no doubt be impressed with the new landscaping in the Washington County Courthouse’s parking area.
What was once a bare expanse of asphalt behind the courthouse is now teeming with flowers, trees and shrubs, giving emphasis to the word “park” in “parking lot.”
Hours and hours have gone into the work on both projects, all of which was done by town employees.
Much like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, both areas went from unsightly to beautiful. They were Jonesborough workers, who we are amazed to learn, have no formal training in landscaping.
Many, many hours and lots of back-breaking work went into creating these lovely linear gardens along Jackson Boulevard and the landscaping in the courthouse parking area.
We congratulate all those who took part in planning, designing and creating these wonderful beauty spots for the Jonesborough.