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It’s time to shed the paranoia

The world is currently on course to exploit all its remaining fossil fuel resources, a prospect that would produce a “different, practically uninhabitable planet” by triggering a “low-end runaway greenhouse effect.” Professor James Hansen, NASA  
Global Warming is “the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction…” Secretary of State Clinton and Kerry.
Global warming has only one solution (per James Hansen) … carbon taxes. 
Needless to say, global warming is wildly popular among the governing elite and industry simply because those who promote the theory receive billions of dollars in government grants, environmentalist bounties, along with special awards and recognitions.     
It’s no wonder that politicians, unions, educators and scientists strongly support “resolving” this issue, advocating higher taxes and more strict regulations, which increase the price of power and products.  
Altered, hidden and tampered information have supported the politically correct theory that man caused global warming and is killing the earth.  
It’s called “settled science,” but there are many unsettling things about global warming that cause me to pause.
I’m not alone. The United Nations has been downgrading the risk of global warming, acknowledging the data showing that global warming has stopped, or “paused.”    
Dire predictions of devastation, catastrophe and unalterable damage to the earth are used to support the cause; including a predicted total ice melt in the Arctic by 2000, increasing numbers of more powerful hurricanes after Katrina, rising global temperatures, global food shortages, etc.  
In the real world, however, the results have been the opposite. NASA Satellite images, as reported by the UK Daily Mail, show the Arctic ice cap grew 43 percent or over 1 million square miles over the last two years. 
NASA also shows Antarctica’s ice cap is the largest ever. In the 3400-plus days since Katrina, no hurricanes have made landfall in the U.S.
The earth is producing so much food, we convey it to fuel to run our cars, while using clean technology for fossil fuel, which is running out our ears.  
Critical to determining temperatures in the U.S. are 1,219 temperature sensors located nationwide to record daily highs and lows for our National Climatology Network.
It is from these the government justifies garnering taxes from us to stop global warming.
A recent investigation found 90 percent of these sensors’ locations were too close to potential heat sources to meet government standards. Examples include a sensor in Redding, Calif., located near a halogen light bulb; in Marysville, Calif., in a parking lot next to an A/C exhaust; in Tahoe City, Calif., on a tennis court next to a burn barrel; and Hopkinsville, Ky., above an asphalt driveway sheltered from the wind.  
Personally, I don’t know if it will be 2 degrees warmer or cooler in 100 years, nor if anything I do today can help, and I’m convinced nobody else does either.  
I have always advocated for reasonable actions to protect our environment. But I am convinced we are being led down the global warming garden path.
Fact is, the cost is too great. There is no end-point, no goal — no results that say those predicting catastrophes and charging us for solutions know what they are doing. No, they just collect our money and spend it, often stupidly.  
It’s time to cast off this global warming paranoia; to learn how to spell “seasons” again; to keep our money; and to use it for those things important to us.