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It’s time to hit ‘pause’ button, act wisely

“If people have a responsible, disciplined and organized introduction into an activity like shooting, there will be less risk of gun violence,” Peter Squires, professor of criminology and public policy at the University of Brighton in Great Britain.
Tragedy has struck families, schools and communities too many times recently. And those who know, predict more will come.
Each incident has resulted in calls for more “common sense” gun laws. I thought our politicians told us this had been done after tragic shootings in the past. But is this really what we need?
The guns used by the San Bernardino shooters were bought legally. However, once purchased, the assault weapons were modified to be more lethal, making them illegal in California, and the hand guns were transferred after purchase.
Once again, as in past mass shootings, bad guys disobey clearly defined gun laws, kill the defenseless in defense-free zones, and lawmakers call for more restrictive gun laws.
What makes us believe that any new law would have stopped those perpetrating these tragedies?
And isn’t self defense a right? Terrorists are changing the game, and we need to be able to change with it. More “common sense” restrictive gun laws only further restrict the right to self defense by law-abiding citizens.
There is a call for another list to stop purchases of assault weapons.
We already have a No Fly list and a No Gun list. The shooter wasn’t on either. Is the problem really the lack of lists or with those who maintain them?
What works? Chicago, LA, D.C., etc. have strict gun laws progressives can only hope to enact nationally.
They also have the highest gun crime/death rates. Vermont, Utah, Switzerland and others have minimal gun laws and have a small fraction of gun crimes, murders, etc. compared to the U.S. overall.
Further, the FBI and other law enforcement organizations need more resources, including armed response vehicles, data access, additional personnel, etc. . . . things that help our first responders, FBI, etc. do their jobs safely.
The FBI is reportedly tracking hundreds of possible leads, with hundreds more, who have entered our country illegally and need to be tracked. We are late dealing with this and need to step up the effort.
Protecting our country from terror is critical.
Attacks are happening now! Global warming is paused according to many.
Let’s use the “pause” nature has given us to fund the things needed protect our country from terrorists. Let’s redirect at least half of the trillions in subsidies and “investments” we have set aside for fighting the possible 100 year effects of climate change to pay for resources needed to fight terrorism along with improving education NOW.
Yes, this may eliminate the $7,500+ in tax credits and free recharges for those buying $100,000 Teslas, and eliminating large rebates for windmills and solar panels, all using our tax money – but tough choices have to be made.
Let’s let private industry work on green projects without government subsidies or ‘help’ for 5 years.
By then we should be able to return to the fight for mother nature with more mature, effective, and innovative tools, and still have 95 years left to fix the problem.
Let’s protect Americans from bullets and bombs now and worry about the oceans later.
They have been around a while and have proven to be quite reliable.